The case of Russian call blocking there


I asked a Russian court of the government blocking the service to communicate and chat there in the country, this demand came to what seemed to raise there hand-over the keys to decrypt the messages.

The body control of communications and Technology of the Russian Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit requesting the Court to allow blocking of the application. The court did not take enough time to study the case where the type with only 18 minutes to reach its verdict.

And own there 200 million users globally and doubled the number of its users in Russia three times Last year.

Lost there last month I spent in front of the Federal Security Service F. S. B where he was asked to allow what is known as the “back door” of the security services to access communications.

Is used there particularly in the Middle East with great intensity in Iran as well as Russia that depend on them, even government officials such as the press office of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, will go to the Russian Foreign Ministry to work through the application of Viber as an alternative to there.

Could the government implement the court order immediately, although there is a chance in front of there and government where the process may take between 10-30 days.


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