The castle hosts the launch of the first mobile phone in Egypt

In celebration of combines the genius of place and history, an authentic Egyptian, chose the Egyptian company for industries silicon “will be” SICO Castle of Saladin to announce the first mobile phone Egyptian industry, in the unique event included a number of Ministers, headed by Yasser elkady, Minister of communications and Information Technology, and business leaders, artists, and Lviv of the leading media professionals and journalists in Egypt.

He Mohamed Salem, Chairman of Egyptian company for industries silicon “will be” SICO expressed his pride and happiness to achieving the Egyptian dream long-awaited launch of the first mobile phone in Egypt combines modern technologies and the competitive price, noting that since the first day that you started will be the manufacturing mobile phone which is betting on the consumer-photographer who is always trying to stand behind his country national who enjoys a quality and specification comparable to those imported through a bunch of cell phones, which suit all segments of society, prices start from 200 pounds down to 4200 pounds.

According to a press release, added Salem, “will be” SICO is proud to also partner with mobile companies to four in the Egyptian market, the beginning of the te and Vodafone are and and Egypt, in addition to success partners in the promotion of mobile phone banking, whether national authority for mail and other business partners, distributors and product buyers in all parts of Egypt, indicating that phone banking has become today available in the markets and commercial shops, so that consumers can see it and identify its unique properties which combine the latest technology both Korean and Chinese in a unique phone that raises the slogan “made in Egypt”.

He explained to Salem that the proportion of the local office in the New Phone 45%, will be put a new phone “will be” SICO in eight different models priced to suit all segments of society, it supports LTE, and running “Android” for Android, in addition to a large number of leading applications such as “Facebook” Facebook and”WhatsApp” WhatsApp and other different applications.
The Salem saying : “it’s been the launch of a strong network of centres of technical support for the first mobile phone in Egypt, amounting in total to 31 customer service centre and maintenance of products in all parts of the Republic, stressing his confidence in the Egyptian people who book thousands of devices from mobile to the Bank immediately open the door of the booking”.

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