The causes of the high temperature of the phone and how to handle them

Start to heat the smartphone to rise from the moment you turn it on, but it will be a natural and even a certain limit it becomes dangerous, where it hurts, and today we answer four important questions, namely Why are the temperature of the phone? What are the causes of high temperature? What damage can happen? And how can you avoid it?

First: why are the temperature of the smartphones?

You receive the answer in real physical background is that the movement generate heat, where on the phone to transfer things actually work, so results from this process a certain temperature, the amount of heat produced by the substantially proportional with the amount of electricity moving inside it, if you play the game require a chip processor and the graphics dramatically, and will increase her temperature, but firm to the high temperature of your phone is not a concern, it has been designed to work this way, but if warmed significantly this is something you should worry about, certainly.

Second: the causes of the high temperature of the smartphone’s

In the beginning, companies in the smart phone industry to improve chip processor very well, so I rarely cause it warms any problems, as it is designed specifically to deal with high temperatures, when approaching the phone of the temperature of the potentially harmful, will reduce the processor speed automatically, which makes the machine slower, and in the case of conditions hottest, will display a warning to prevent you from using it until it cools down.

If your device suffers from overheating frequently, it may be for several reasons solvable, which is related mostly to increase the conversion, and one of the most reasons is the consumption of processor graphics for a long time such as the use of the system of the VR, it may happen the same thing with apps and games big, but the burden is then on-chip processor, the second reason is the use of some of the advantages and add-ons for a long time, such as WiFi or Bluetooth or anything that requires power from the processor, the more electricity which leads to high battery temperature also.

There are also many external factors also, such as leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight, or throw him in the oven, if you fail to do that and is still rising its temperature level, it may be due to a malfunction which must be increased technicians to know and fix it.

And chip the Snapdragon 810 one of the most prominent examples of poor industry, it has been is the main processor for 2015, and has been used in all the flagship devices back then, but from the beginning has spread many rumors about overheating problems, I have exchanged it from one device to another, except that the higher temperature led to a slow processor dramatically leading to significantly slow the performance.

Third: what harm can happen?

1) battery

Used modern phones lithium-ion battery, which allows recharge it by reversing the chemical reaction product of electricity, it can do that for a large number of times, and the best rechargeable batteries available at present, but it possesses the disadvantage of two serious, the first is that they turn when not being used, where it happens slowly, slowly is relative, so it can reach to the stage of damage after two to three years of use, the second is that it is very sensitive to heat, anything that increases the temperature about 30 ° C adversely affect you.

It is considered the main effect of heat on the battery is the speed of their decomposition and discharged, and thus reduce the age significantly which leaves you with a dead battery sooner, but the effect is the most dangerous, is the explosion of the battery, and in spite of the proliferation of novels about the explosion of the battery, only that the probability of explosion is extremely small, for that to happen, you should expect many of the factors don’t meet with often leads to increased understanding rapidly inside her burst.

This process requires the presence of a malfunction Indoor is typically managed by the breaker circuit electric, or external conditions such as throw the battery into fire, for example, so the implementation will need to implement high heat to higher than 200 ° C, which is unusual in daily life.

2) chip processor

When it comes to the chip processor, they are designed to level the speed by itself to prevent overheating as we mentioned before, leading to significantly slow the phone sometimes to the degree of non-portability to use it, if you continue to high heat for a very long time, this may lead to damage, as is the case with the battery, the likelihood of that happening is extremely weak, because there are safety measures in place.

Fourth: how to avoid overheating?

1) tips to the battery

The worst thing you can do the battery is expose it to heat via fully recharged frequently, as it is recommended not to charge it up to 100% periodically, it might result in speed, damage, and vice versa also, where are advised not to leave their spawn until 0% periodically, the ideal is shipped when up to 30% to up to 80% only.

In the case if you have to leave it in the charger all night or for a long time, you should leave it on a hard surface to cool, instead of the bed or the couch that you lock the heat, where it is not recommended to leave your phone while charging down the cover with you or lying in direct sunlight also.

2) Power Saver

To manage and prevent overheating of the chip of the processor, make sure you don’t play games a great or watching videos for too long, and try not to use Bluetooth for long periods, and avoid the maximum number of processes hard during your use.

3) the disarmament and anything connected to it

When the high temperature of your phone remove anything connected to it such as the clipboard or the sky, etc., which helps cool the device a little by exposing him to attack.

4) use the application to save energy

There are many apps available in the Google Play help in the management of the operations of your phone with energy conservation, so it is recommended to a lot of people with Greenify, a free application that can help you in solving the problems of high temperature and prolong the life of the battery.

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