The Central banks of Norway and great Britain thought about the national cryptocurrency

Last week, the Central Bank of Norway announced plans to issue a national cryptocurrency. The message of the regulator noted that the coin can be used together with cash, be the means of saving or substitute for Bank deposits. Now plans to issue a national digital currency announced and the Central Bank of the UK. This writes

National cryptocurrency. Soon in all countries

The Minister said that currently there are three options for using coins as a model of “financial institutions” (FI), “Economic access” (EW) and “Financial institutions with additional access” (FI+). In the first case, the token will be able to use only banks and non-Bank financial institutions. Second, households and companies in the third — individuals and companies under the control of the banks.

If the introduction of a national cryptocurrency is not inconsistent with a number of basic principles, the financial condition of banks and their ability to lend is not in danger.

When it is the Central Bank of the UK is going to release a coin and what does the future of the English national cryptocurrency, not reported.

As the newspaper notes, the issuance of state coins in Norway is also under question — the representative of the regulator notes that the impact of digital money on the socio-economic condition is not yet established and depends on the specific project critobulus.

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