The CEO of Google has admitted that wants to continue to work with Apple

It is considered that Apple and Google are bitter enemies. After all, each of them struggling for control of the market for operating systems, services, and even electronic devices. Someone is better someone worse, but the fact of competition – there. However, in the modern world the concept of “competition” and “partnership” are not mutually exclusive, and therefore, even the warring parties may collaborate on certain issues. That, in fact, from time to time, and occurs on a mutually beneficial for both terms, leaving the parties only positive impressions.

Sundar Pichai is configured to continued cooperation with Apple

Appeared fake applicationsthat promise to show patients with coronavirus

Google would be happy to continue working with Apple on a joint project, how did this happen when you create a cross-platform system for tracking patients with coronavirus. This was stated by Director General Alphabet (owned by Google) Sundar Pichai. According to him, large companies such as Apple and Google, working together, can greatly help the world. It is not always obvious even for them, but sometimes they come to a common understanding of any issue and come together to their joint product was even better than they could if they worked alone.

Cooperation Apple and Google

Cooperation Apple and Google will help the world become a better

Cooperation Apple and Google can be very useful for the global community. I’m determined to find common ground with Apple in the future and I am sure that Tim is of the same opinion on this issue. Both companies began working on technology in support of health, independently from each other. But very quickly we realized that in order for it to work well, we need to unite. Our engineers have been in contact with each other, and at some point Tim and I negotiated and decided to work together, said Pichai.

Why Apple and Google to combat the coronavirus will not work

In fact, the system tracking patients with coronavirus is not the first and not the only joint project of Apple and Google. Few people know, but companies have been cooperating for many years in a variety of areas. One of the most significant and mutually beneficial examples of their collaboration is the integration of the Google search engine in the Safari browser. Few people gives this value, but in Cupertino chose this search engine is no accident and not because Google offers a good product. The reason was the money that the search giant Apple has paid and continues to pay still for the right to stay in the same status.

Joint services Apple and Google

Not sure what Apple have cooperation with Google so much

However, the possibilities of cooperation from Apple and Google enough. The company could undertake the development of universal services messaging, video calls and data encryption, not to mention more mundane decisions like platforms like Apple TV+ iTunes and cloud services. Yes, neither on iOS nor on Android with this rare exception, there is no problem, but for some reason I think if the two companies started joint development, they would have made something more useful, functional and versatile from the point of view of distribution.

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Another thing, do I have it all Apple? Personally, I doubt it. The company 100% satisfied with the development of its services. Despite the fact that they are not available on Android, Apple is in no hurry to port them. In the end, this is a distinctive advantage of the signature ecosystems of the company, it would be foolish just to abandon it. Therefore, it is obvious that neither the FaceTime nor iMessage or Apple TV+ for Android will not appear and will remain a lure for users OS from Google, while they just don’t go to iOS.

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