The CEO Of Mt. Gox was responsible for the setup of investors. The opinion of the founder

CEO and supporter Cash Bitcoin Roger Ver has shared his opinion about the sentencing of Mark Karpeles. The former CEO of crypto currency exchange Mt. Gox Karpeles received a suspended sentence. Tokyo district judge cost 2.5 years of conditional imprisonment with a probation period of 4 years. Apparently, Faith is not satisfied with such an outcome.

If the charges in the theft of customer funds was confirmed, Karpeles would have received a sentence of 10 years in prison. As it turned out, he was involved in the forgery financial statements, but the money was not stolen, so the judge significantly reduced the sentence.

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Roger Ver in his interview to Decrypt said that Karpeles “must answer for the failure to protect investors ‘funds from hackers”. However, the responsibility for the theft, he still holds the hackers. Roger Ver is one of the contributors Mt. Gox. As he said in an interview, the lost amount of BTC changed his life.

Recall that at a certain point, Mt. Gox was the largest crypto currency exchange in the world which accounted for 70 percent of transactions with BTC. However, the exchange is hacked and stole 850k coins. This forced the site to suspend and be bankrupt.

In the process of investigating Karpeles himself confessed in the presence of a lot of bugs and errors in code stock exchange after its purchase from the jed McCaleb. However, he did not dare to pause for the qualitative upgrading and cost several patches in the code. Perhaps it was this moment and led to such a sad result.

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