The CEO of OnePlus has promised to fulfill the main request of the fans

OnePlus intends to equip its future smartphones high-speed, wireless charging, as demanded by fans of the brand. About it told the company’s CEO Pete Lau. According to him, engineers OnePlus found a way to implement the technology and conduct the test.

Fast wireless charging

Battery charging without wires and at high speed more than real, says Lau. However, unlike the principle of direct feed of current to the battery, high-speed induction leads to thickening devices and the risk of overheating its internals in the process of recharging.

“We have been testing the technology [wireless charging], but has not been able to implement her to the extent to which it would we are completely satisfied, says Lau. Existing solution does not meet our expectations concerning the speed of current transfer and ease of use.”

Wireless charging in smartphones OnePlus

As practice shows, OnePlus much more interested in the quick conductive charging technology Dash Charge. The manufacturer attaches to its development a lot of attention, regularly increasing the efficiency of its work. The implementation of wireless charging in the company called meaningless.

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