The Chairman of Google responds to the decision of the European Union, Wales the possibility of charging for Android


President CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai, in an open letter in response to the decision of the EU Competition Commission fined the company at 4.3 billion euros yesterday. In a lengthy speech, he says that ” the resolution rejects the business model that supports Android, which create more options for everyone, not less “.

The European Union wants from Google is not to force manufacturers of Android devices install the Google Chrome browser already in its select Google as a search engine default in the operating system if they want to use the Google Play Store. The labors of Mr. Sundar Pichai that Google does not force anyone to use any of them, and it’s easy to install other solutions, and that Google allows manufacturers of smart phones and developers to install competing services already on their own copies of the system Android.

Going to Google, of course, in the decision of the European Union. If you fail in his heart, will be in front of the company 90 days to change their practices or face fines, the largest in the foreseeable future.

Says CEO of Google the free distribution to develop their own is fair and funds of the company, will be of interest to anyone change the model of this work. Indicates that the process of the development of the operating system is very expensive, and if you can’t Google achieve the profits of which way the current, you may need to be compensated in other ways.

This guess makes sense to a reasonable limit which means that the company may need to start charging a fee to the hardware manufacturers wanting to use android on its devices, which in turn would increase the final price of their products.


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