The chairman of the budget American specialist from the potential adverse effects of the decision to ban Huawei

Huawei Company

Recall, a new report from the Wall Street Journal American speech has been sent to the vice president, Mike Pence and a number of other members of the Congress of the Rulles Vought, which oversees the management of the Office of management and budget in the United States of America.

Says the letter, obtained by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal of America, to the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Donald Trump which prevent Huawei from dealing with American companies, will lead to ” substantial reduction ” in the number of suppliers available to work with the U.S. government.

” While the administration recognizes the importance of this prohibition for national security, have listened to several agencies to a significant risk of a wide range of stakeholders who may be affected and who may be affected “.

Request Rulles Vought of the parties concerned to consider the possibility of postponing the application of this law for a period of two years to ensure a period of transition more smoothly to avoid the blackout, acute. At the same time, the head of cyber security at Huawei, Mr. John Suffolk, the following to members of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

” We stand isolated in front of the world, but we prefer to do so, because it allows us to improve our products. We want to people find things, whether they found one or a thousand, we don’t care. We don’t feel embarrassed which people find “.

To this day, still the United States did not make any strong evidence of the threat Huawei is likely to national security, even after raising Huawei’s lawsuit against the U.S. government for its treatment of non-constitutional buy Huawei without any proof of their allegations.

Was the American President Donald Trump himself to say that he hoped that the United States lift the U.S. ban as part of a trade deal with China, despite saying that the company Huawei is considered ” extremely dangerous “ and pose a threat to national security.

Does not affect the ban only on one of the largest companies in China, but can also lead to slow down the spread of 5G, and raise prices.

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