The cheapest G4 laptop in the world

Is iBook G4, Apple announced the new iBook G3. IBM worked wonders with the G3, and the case was conflict of generations (G3 vs. G4). And now, when everyone already knew that the iBook G4 will not, Apple announced the iBook G4. The surprise turned out. The rumors for a couple of weeks before the event, no one believed. Those who spread, ridiculed and trampled in the ground. Then say that if the author of the rumor was Apple that these rumors were some kind of probes, which bombed the surface of the satellites of major planets, to find out what’s inside them.

Inside was what was required. Scenario presentation decided to use the most desperate.

And when the screen appeared it (iBook G4, what do you think?), all in white, nothing special happened. Applause, whistling, admiration, “but how much can it cost?” and the like. As always. Used to…

Recall that event vaguely. Tried to clarify the date… it happened on Wednesday, October 22, 2003, or Thursday the 23rd. And it’s not the only mystery of the first iBook G4. But it was quite recently, about the events of more ancient antiquity we know more.

This is the beginning of a series about the iBook G4.

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A nameless sensation

Code name of the first iBook G4… who knows. I do not think that it was not, can not do without them: no measures to ensure privacy do not guarantee against accidents. Those who are engaged in secret project, you cannot prevent to discuss his troubles with his own kind, especially outside the company or in the cafeteria. Maybe it would be good to ban it – but how to monitor the ban?

Translate to the barracks? To open the inner prison? Sew implants and write everything 120-170 dedicated to talking about (and where)? If you want, the way still find.

The code word is a very useful measure. Not a panacea, but, judging by the results of its use in the Apple – a measure quite effective.

Code names of current projects secret. Projects become products, something which has to know as many people as possible. Suddenly one of them will buy and buy? And this time Apple Security Service (SS Apple!!!) has no objection to the publication of code names. As a rule.

But, right before the iBook G4, all the code names of the current project “under the bridge”(Link to article “iBook G3: the Last update.”)…

Code names iBook G4 (Original) is unknown. Neither General, nor “personal”. We are neither cold nor hot – but the mere fact funny and interesting. That’s not to declassify, and that’s it.

A completely different computer, inside

Externally, iBook G4 did not differ from 12 – and 14-inch variants iBook G3 (Early 2003): the same white body of opaque plastic, the same (exactly) screens, the same size and weight…

No kidding: one visual difference was. Instead of “iBook” on the inner side of the cover, under the screen, glistening with metal words “iBook G4”.

And inside, at first glance, the uninitiated, nothing new was: the same electronic components, the same overcrowding and dozens of tiny screws of various types.

The first was used iBook G4 PowerPC 7455 from Motorola. With a clock frequency of the bus of 133 MHz, and the second level cache “on the chip” the size of 256 K. Some (almost all) of online directories for the configurations of ancient computers, don’t agree with it. In their opinion, the first G4 laptop from Apple was the PowerPC 7457. Or even a PowerPC 7447.

Checked. It PowerPC 7455. From the 7457 and 7447, the second level cache on the chip (i.e., it is an integral part of the processor) – 512K. There are other inconsistencies, but one is enough.

The PowerPC 7455 was released in early 2002, 7457 and 7447 in 2003. It took the compilers of the handbooks misleading. Probably.

Informally, PowerPC, 7447, 7455 and 7457 (and a dozen more modifications) called G4+ and G4e.

All iBook G4 (Original) used a more powerful RAM (PC2100 SO-DIMM), the motherboard was vpisalis the same 128 Megs of RAM as before – only now it was faster memory. And in the Bank of memory, by default, installed another 128 Megs.

That is, if the user will ever need to increase the amount of RAM (at the end of 2003, RAM 256 MB was considered “modest”), it will remain orphaned on chip 128 MB. Explorer of MacAddict advised immediately, when buying, choose in the Configurator chip of 512 Megabytes.

With the trade iBook G4, everything was fine, the percentage of defective specimens was lower than allowed in factories in the United States. And the maximum amount of RAM by Apple (600 Megabytes) again differed from the maximum by “craftsmen”, 1152 Megabytes.

The disks is also accelerated: UltraATA/100, instead of UltraATA/66. To stellar performance by far, but not bad. Significantly faster.

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 4x AGP with 32 MB of video memory. The same 1024×768, the same lock mode expansion of the working space, the reference projection screens (which are really more interesting to output the same as on the iBook screen). Cool, but not coolest.

Firewire 400 (1 port), USB 2.0 (2 connectors), modem, Ethernet 10/100Base-T… On the PowerBook already being used Gigabit Ethernet, but the iBook was considered “domestic”.

AirPort (now AirPort Extreme, 802.2 b/g), as before, the basic kit was not included, but to install and use immediately everything was prepared. The means of wireless communication added support for Bluetooth 1.1, Bluetooth itself is not included.

Optical 8x Combo drive, slot load, is now on the right side of the case. Before he was placed in the front of the case, but people complained that when working with a computer on his lap “optical disk rested in the belly”. Well, Yes…

Operating system – Mac OS 10.3 “Panther”, Panther. Application for the classical system was run in the Classic environment in Panther.

The identifier of the model is PowerBook6,3.

IDs PowerBook6,1 and PowerBook6,2 was used to represent two 12-inch models of the PowerBook G4 with a clock frequency of 867 MHz and 1 GHz. But the iBook G4 was the third in their company…

Options iBook G4 (Late 2003)

Traditionally, the options were three.

But now it was a single 12-inch and 14-inch. If you like Imperial measures of length, it is 30.7 and 35.8 see almost no Difference, and even the same resolution: 1024×768 everywhere.

In 12-inch option was used in PowerPC G4e with a clock frequency of 800 MHz.

Variant packaged with a disc of 30 Gigabytes).

In tests Geekbench 2 scored 435 points.

Weighed 12-inch version is 2.2 kg, and cost $ 1 099.

In the 14-inch version with a PowerPC G4e with a clock frequency of 933 MHz the drive capacity was 40 Gigabytes.

In Geekbench 2, according to directories, he scored 510 points.

Weighed 2.7 kg, was worth $ 1 299.

The top variant, with a 14-inch screen and the PowerPC G4e with a clock frequency of 1.0 GHz (actually, the 1.07 GHz), the basic specification included a disk to 60 GB, and… if he scored in Geekbench 2 total 506 points.

The compilers of the directories confused? They’re wrong very often, it is a fact. But even if confused, the difference of four points between so distinguished a clock frequency of… suspicious.

Weighed the same 2.7 kg, worth 1 $ 499.

To be continued

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