The Chinese authorities have accused Apple of spying on users

Perhaps the most valuable commodity in the modern world is knowledge. No, I’m not talking about academic disciplines or General erudition, although they represent some value, but the possession of the companies the personal data of its users. These data allow businesses to build lasting and successful business that meets the needs of the people. There is therefore nothing unusual in the fact that all companies will sooner or later begin to conduct surveillance of their clients, whose loyalty has to be earned. Surely Apple have moved in the same step?

Apple Store in Beijing

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China accused Apple of spying for their Chinese users. According to representatives of Department, the company used a special spy program, that was pre-installed on their device. So Apple supposedly helped Washington to collect data about Chinese people using “Apple” technique, as many of them senior officials.

How does Apple track you

The Chinese foreign Ministry did not disclose its sources, but said that Apple was spying on users from China for 10 years, installing spyware in smartphones and computers, and other equipment. Scary to think of what it could find in Cupertino, outraged the Chinese authorities. Therefore, leaders of other countries to be very wary of Apple and carefully monitor how the company does business, and with whom it cooperates, in the event that be able in time to stop surveillance of its citizens.

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Despite the fact that Apple to the core American company, it’s hard to imagine that Tim cook decided to get a part time in foreign intelligence the US, agreeing to spy on users. Moreover, in all of its endeavors, Apple has always adhered to the principle of the inadmissibility of conducting surveillance of customers, and was quite loyal to the government of China. In particular, the company agreed to transfer to the territory of the PRC data of iCloud users when the corresponding law came into force. So it would be foolish to put Cho in Cupertino will cut the branch on which you sit.

China against Apple

For me it is obvious that the statement of the Chinese foreign Ministry has purely political connotations and probably due to the recent deterioration of relations between the US and China, which Huawei has suffered. In the framework of a trade war between countries is not only forbidden to use Android and Google services, but also to trade with American businesses selling the telecommunications equipment, which is one of the main items of income of Huawei, along with smartphones. As such, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Chinese decided to play a prank Apple, which is the main competitor of Huawei.

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