The Chinese company presented the project of a free satellite Internet service for all

Many large companies like Facebook, SpaceX, and Google has repeatedly said that conduct research in the field of creation of the global Internet, which will provide access to the world wide web at any point of our planet. And recently it became known that in this race and enters China in the face of the company LinkSure Network, which experts claim that by 2026 will be able to provide satellite Internet to all inhabitants of the Earth. And it is free.

According to the editorial staff of the newspaper ABC, will LinkSure 272 satellite into orbit of different heights to create a branched structure of the coating. In an interview with ABC’s press service LinkSure Network noted the following:

“Our mission is to overcome the “digital divide”. We want to ensure everyone’s right to free access to the Internet.”

For the project the company is launching the program to launch satellites LinkSure Swarm, the first of which is simply the name LinkSure No. 1 must be started from the cosmodrome Jiuquan in Northwest China in 2019 aboard a Chinese Long March rockets. Ten satellites will be launched into orbit by 2020.

According to the report of the United Nations for 2017, nearly 3.9 billion people still do not have access to the Internet. And the first satellites LinkSure will need to ensure the Internet precisely those areas that have traditionally been outside of the world wide web. According to the Executive Director LinkSure Network of van Zinina,

“There are still many places where Internet is unavailable. On Earth there are many different variants of the landscape like oceans, jungles or deserts, where Internet infrastructure simply cannot be built, so we had the idea of launching a network of satellites. Our company invests in the project not less than 3 billion yuan (about $590 million U.S. dollars). Thus, despite the provision of access for free, the project can be recouped through partnerships and unique programs.”

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