The Chinese government banning the services platform Twitter

الحكومة الصينية تحظر خدمات منصة تويتش - twitch

The Chinese government suddenly banning the platform to broadcast Twitter Fully, it stopped access to the site as well as deleted the app from the Apple App Store. This comes after the note of the Chinese government a significant rise in the number of times to download the app over the past month.

The Twitter application has become the third top free apps downloaded on the software store Chinese, comes the fact that the Chinese use the app to watch Asian Games due to the presence of some operators to provide live streaming for this tournament, at which time the authority decided that the Chinese television CCTV do not move them.

Maybe you didn’t think the Chinese government blocking the application during the financial period because of the availability of his services to broadcast the games, but after the spread of Direct broadcast services and the local authority not to transfer it, it became with regard to the resolutions of the states general, and by the.

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