The Chinese government prohibited nearly 8,000 application of risk

الحكومة الصينية تحظر نحو 8,000 تطبيق مخالف

The body of Chinese cyber-security to delete 7,873 application for the stores devoted to phones and smart devices in the country, saying it is a malicious violation of applicable laws, in a new step from the government there to clamp down on the content of the World Wide Web according to Reuters news agency.

And the Chinese government to prevent any content that could affect its sovereignty or the management of the country, this is not the first time that the Prohibition of sites and applications.

It is worth noting that, beside the To Delete for the comments about the stores, the Chinese body of cyber-security has to delete more than 7 million information published on the internet including articles, news and other content that it considers to be contrary to the laws and conditions of publishing in the country.

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