The Chinese market is behind the half of the sales of the phones and 5G in the year 2019 almost


According to the latest institution to Counterpoint Research is specialized in market research, it appears that China is behind 48 percent of total shipments of phones 5G in 2019. I got a Huawei for 74 percent of sales of the phones and 5G in China while Samsung is the world leader with a market share of 40 percent. In addition, decreased the total smartphones that are sold by retailers fell by 8 percent compared with the year 2018. This ratio is greater than the percentage decrease of smart phone sales globally, amounting to 3 percent.

Was Huawei and its sub-brand Honor are the key players the only two people that have seen growing shipments of smartphones in China throughout the year 2019 increase the combined capacity by 28 percent. Experienced Apple declined by 26 percent, and Xiaomi declined by 22 percent, while the company has experienced for Oppo decreased by 12 percent, and Vivo decreased by 6 percent.

The report Counterpoint Research indicates that the effects of coronavirus on the smartphone market in China may be more acute in the coming months, where it can lead to a disturbance of the supply chain and the transfer of employment to decrease by 20 percent in the smartphone sales during the first quarter of 2020. It is expected to be affected by the Wuhan area where the virus originated strongly.

Also expected to be affected by the shipments of Huawei strongly because of its dependence on the Chinese market more closely than usual following the US trade embargo. On the other hand, is expected to be affected by the sales of Xiaomi and Honor is less because of the reliance on online distribution. Also expected to be impacts of an outbreak of corona virus on Samsung and Realme Apple TV is less harmful due to the adoption of the border on the Chinese market.

With regard to the future, the foundation expects to Counterpoint Research continuing decline of smartphone shipments in China increased by another 5%. Is expected to contain MERS-CoV by month of March, but the impact on supply chains and procurement will lead to a decrease in shipments in the first and second quarters of this year.

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