The Chinese police have uncovered a Scam in cryptocurrency $ 13 million

In the middle of the month a Moscow resident lost 20 thousand dollars while trying to sell coins. He sent money to the purse, but did not receive anything in return — the buyer just walked away. In China, the scale of the fraud much more. Police uncovered the scheme, which netted criminals millions of dollars.

Cheating with cryptocurrencies. At this time, not ICO

Distinguished police of the Chinese province of Shaanxi. The day before law enforcement officers detained nine people who have cheated gullible people. It is reported RIA.

The scammers worked actively. In three weeks they managed to convince to share money 13 thousand people from 31 provinces. The victims were found at major events throughout the country. The first operation dates back to March 28.

Wealthy clients were persuaded to invest in Datang Coin. The minimum investment amount to 480 thousand dollars. According to legend, they were supposed to bring in $ 13 thousand per day.

Promote the scheme partially contributed to the press. China Daily reporters took the offer at face value, and even published an article about “the launching ceremony of cryptocurrency DBTC”, which was held in XI’an.

In the end, it turned out that the cryptocurrency does not exist, and the role of the head of the company from Hong Kong was playing a foreigner. For services paid him almost 5 thousand dollars. After the RAID the authorities froze the accounts 42. They were about $ 13.7 million.

The story is another compelling reason to refrain from transactions with cryptocurrencies with the participation of strangers.

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