The Chrome browser may allow the draft links to specific words on the page

In some articles, there will be words it a novel, so that when you click on them you are taken to a new page with content related to that word, to get more information.

Google is currently conducting improvements in the browser, so that you may be able to users to share links to the articles will be the person to any sentence or a particular word on the page, so that “this word” for example, you can select and share the link on the basis of which, when the user clicks the other link, it will be transferred to the college specifically to follow the reading.

These changes spotted recently, but it’s not yet available in the beta version of the browser, so it can’t be tested, but a document of one of the developers of the browser explain how it can work water.

“To enable users to easily navigate to specific content in the Web page, we propose to add support for excerpt text in the novel. When moving to the link, the user clicks the text, specifically whether it was in the beginning of the page, or in the middle or in the end.”

The feature is still in an early stage of development, so we may be able to use it later this year.

Sources: GitHub, Chromium Gerrit

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