The Chrome browser on Android deletes user data

The company has suspended Google’s release of the 79 of the browser by the for web Chrome on the Android operating system after to inform the developers of mobile apps for the major bug led to deletion of user data and reset portable applications, and select the error during the update process from version 78 to version 79, and after that the developers of Google in the new version change the position of the guide Chrome.

Approved developers of the giant sea in the report of errors, issued last week by committing to this process and forget about the transfer of the contents of the localStorage or WebSQL to guide the new version of the Chrome browser, making the data inaccessible for all users.

The use of localStorage and WebSQL widely in mobile phone apps, and all of localStorage and WebSQL storage mechanisms allows a website or web application store data on the user’s device, the inside of the guide profile to the Chrome browser.

While some websites use localStorage or WebSQL, most prefer their servers use a custom database to store user data on the server side, however, is the use of localStorage and WebSQL on a large scale on mobile devices, especially by developers of mobile apps.

This is not many Android apps at the present time more than web site it is loaded inside the WebView, which is a watered-down version of Chrome, these applications rely heavily on mechanisms such as localStorage or WebSQL to save the settings and user data locally, instead of using the SQLite database, separate and big size.

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I lost these apps access to all files and data saved inside the folder of localStorage and WebSQL old version 78 of Chrome when you start the new version 79, a loss of user application data and settings, files, and even access to their accounts.

The Google has launched a new version of Chrome browser on December 10, and the issuance of the report mistakes the first day, Thursday, stopped the giant sea version 79 on the Android system on Saturday, but the update has already reached to about 50 percent of the base level of the Android platform, which means that it has already caused a lot of problems.

The developers of Google is currently rolling out an update to fit the process to migrate data, but they don’t know whether to file the localStorage and WebSQL old still exist or that the process of update Chrome wipe data, moreover, may transfer the old files to the new location to replace the new files created by the user in the meantime, which again leads to data loss.

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