The Chrome browser will tell you if the site you are browsing, slow

Maybe the Chrome browser is one of the most apps and products, Google required for updates and improvements and today is no exception, as the app gets new update will feature a very important feature to determine the speed of site that you’re browsing through Chrome.

Maybe we fall in a dilemma caused by slow connection, some of our internet or the site itself? There will be Chrome in the solution of this problem considerably, and will let you know how fast the site that you’re browsing replicable!

This feature as far as their usefulness to users, it will also be the angel of the developers of the Websites to improve their sites and increase the speed of upload which will be in the general area to all of us as users of the internet.

So far we don’t know the time of arrival of this feature to the users, but the news source is a Chromium the same so we probably won’t move a lot. What do you think about this update? And do you use Chrome? Personally I love Firefox, and I can’t replace him never!

Source: Gizchina

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