The city of Cambridge set the previous trading about data privacy!

Data is the most important and most precious even than oil sometimes, and that’s the truth referred to by the former director of the buy Cambridge set Brittany Kaiser, in her speech during a press conference in New York on a new initiative for data privacy.

Supports direct platform IOVO which believes in the opposite of everything done by the Cambridge set, and see the amazing for the future as advertisers pay you to view their ads.

You hacked the Cambridge set your private messages on Facebook too?

Explained Kaiser’s view on privacy and data in words as follows: “the biggest international companies is currently made up of trillions of dollars of digital assets which should belong -in my opinion – not as individuals. Those companies gathered our data and put it in models and invested in them, as the sale of big data is raw, in other times, and sometimes the license to use the advertising just to be able to advertisers to target us”.

She also noted that the ads of the Treaty on the data is not just simple annoyances online, the Declaration provided free access and open to all sites imaginable as the source of data, such as information and communication, in addition to profit big you get companies like Google and Facebook depending on the platform its ad-heavy, but it does not support campaigns to delete the apps and accounts from that region, but fixed.

And about directly IOVO new it will be the value of such data to the owners, through the establishment of a database is not a centralized list on the concepts of the Blockchain to re-check data again. owners, and even how to take advantage of them. Can the developers develop cross-platform applications IOVO or update legacy applications commensurate with the product.

The first application of the product is Influnomy, allows to deduct part of the payments to the user via the publication of content required on social media platforms.

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