The clip promotional video from the Oppo to offer the camera the bottom of the screen

It was published by Oppo, the first clip is a promotional video showcasing its premium smartphone with camera selfie bottom of the screen.

The first model for distinct camera selfie bottom of the screen disclosed the day of the Chinese giant Oppo, where they reviewed the police model of the phone in preparation for the live performance of this camera to be provided from the Oppo through the events of the meeting phone which applies at the 26 of June.

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And a short video clip which lasts up to 15 seconds for the design of the phone is possible with a camera built in the screen, which features the largest dimensions for the framework on the phone.

Has made it clear that the company Oppo the design of this camera in the teaser earlier, which focused on the possibility of the disappearance of the camera selfie inside the screen when closed, flow design and the greatest width dimensions of the top in the screen, also scheduled to come to the screen design the variable works as to the camera front, how come the camera with a clear identify to the user the location of the camera when shooting.

You will definitely have Oppo clearer vision to assess the work of the camera through the live show associated with the conference in Shanghai, so we expect the launch of the conference during the days.


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