The closure of the site Convert2MP3 violations of intellectual property rights

إغلاق موقع Convert2MP3 لانتهاك حقوق الملكية الفكرية يوتيوبthe closure of the site Convert2MP3 violations of intellectual property rights

The location Convert2MP3 one of the most popular sites pirating content especially from YouTube where they can cross easily to convert video songs to audio clips of type MP3, today link this site to the end where he conducted the settlement of the lawsuit led to close it for violating intellectual property rights.

In an official statement published by IFPI on its site, reported that was the deal with the site that no violation of intellectual property rights again in the future, in addition to close.

Got the site taken from Germany based on more than 684 million increase in the last year. Under shopping it will deliver the domain name of the site to the organization IFPI, in addition to close it and close any other sites alternative to, or belonging to the same company the problem, as will be the payment of financial compensation did not specify their value.

Represent the organization IFPI, a group of companies production of art and music, and is considered hacking major threat to its business, it can be through sites like Convert2MP3 piracy content with ease to obtain a copy of the audio of the video clips and music without buying it officially.

Close Convert2MP3 reminds us of the need to conversation close location Youtube2mp3 also in late 2017 when he lost a case in front of production companies professional.

Of course, the closure of one of the largest piracy websites content the music will stop, since there are thousands of sites similar and alternative all the lead required will be a game of cat and mouse between the defenders of intellectual property rights, and hacking sites that you earn from the movement of big hits to it.

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