The collapse of traditions and novelties from Samsung: week

This week was a lot of things. We watched the UPS and downs of brands, bore witness to important decisions and once again faced with a virus that is raging in China. Remember, he already had a serious impact on the delivery schedule of smartphones and the delivery time of goods from Chinese sites. All of this was last week, which will forever remain in history. Let’s sum up the results and talk, and Samsung, Mobile world Congress, the collapse of the company, Andy Rubin, and many others. We present to your attention our traditional weekly news.

Revolution or not?

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Google accidentally exposed Android 11. What’s new

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Android users quietly live without updates, the release of new versions of many of them rejoice even more than my own birthday. Why is hard to say, but those who make sure the update does not Shine, still collect leakage and study all the details of the new OS with such care, like it affects their life. Perhaps partly it is because the random start Google site dedicated to Android 11, has caused an incredible storm of emotions.

Google already has a site dedicated to Android 11. You only have to run a beta test

Google hasn’t released Android 11, but has already managed to light it, accidentally launching a website dedicated to update. In addition to the name and the very existence of that version of the OS, which is usually kept secret until the official presentation, the site opened and key innovations. However, to date, Google has noticed its own mistake and banned access to the website, dedicated to Android 11, setting a redirect to a section for Android 10.

Google obviously did not want to Shine Android 11, but it happened

  • Behavioral changes: to be revised and the methodology of processing applications running under Android 11;
  • Security change: will be added new tools to ensure users ‘ privacy and their data;
  • System changes: will add support for new APIs, tools, data exchange, and new mechanisms for the processing of biometric information.
  • Interface changes: added in-depth will support smartphones with foldable displays and improved methods of processing of their interface.

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In fact, Google has not disclosed any specific innovations, limited only by common language. However, it is possible to understand, in what direction will develop the operating system for the next year. Obviously, the developers decided to make the platform first, more secure by incorporating additional protective mechanisms, and, second, more private, obviously due to the new tools of biometric identification.

One of the innovations aimed at improving the safety of users, obviously, will be Scoped Storage mechanism. He will divide the onboard storage of the smartphone into several independent cells on the number of installed applications. They are isolated from each other and not allow one program to receive information from another. This is very important, because now this is not possible and the malicious software may infringe on the confidential information to which they have access benign application.

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As for the new biometric mechanisms, it is not excluded that in this case we are talking about Google’s plans to turn smartphones running Android 11 into storage for identity cards and other documentation. After all, it is not enough just to train the system to produce their digitization, you also need to teach her to confirm the authenticity, not to mention, to protect them from unauthorized access. However, how it will be implemented – and whether at all — is unclear.

It is expected that Google will launch a beta testing Android 11 this month. I initially set the test side upgrade can only owners of the flagship smartphone Google Pixel, but closer to spring it will become available to a wider range of devices. However, most likely, it will be apparatus to those producers that are close to Google, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung and so on. During this time, the update will be tested in all planes, allowing to identify all the bugs and fix them before the release version.

Developer Fortnite revealed the secret Android

Everyone loves mysteries, right? Even if they don’t affect us directly, it not only makes them less interesting, but even enhances our desire to find out the whole story in as much detail. Needless to convey this information is then someone else. After all, awareness is a quite powerful tool that allows you to not only feel their involvement in a particular topic, but also have the opportunity to make decisions that can affect our lives, even if it concerns only our smartphones.

Android is an open operating system, it would be desirable to think Google

Android is not truly open operating system that came Google, said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games studios. According to a top Manager when they started Fortnite and decided to distribute it via your website, they are faced with many challenges. Instead of simply giving the users free to download the game, Google has started to repair them all kinds of obstacles – from full lock downloads to warnings about the incredible danger from third party sources.

Fortnite has not got Google Play, because Epic Games didn’t want to pay Google a Commission

The openness of the operating system is to give users the opportunity to use it as they wish, said Sweeney. Recently, however, Google is increasingly tightened rules of engagement with the platform, setting different kinds of constraints that do not allow to use all advantages of Android. In fact, the company is moving towards Apple, but she at least has never stated iOS as an open platform, and from the beginning clearly demonstrated to users that it will make all the important decisions for them.

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Typically all these restrictions served under the guise of protecting users from malware, but in this case, the obstacles have nothing to do with safety, said Sweeney. After all, the logic, Android should prevent downloads from untrusted sources, but why in this case it blocks all sources, even those that are inherently reliable? Google has many ways to check the resource from which you can boot, but instead she just calls all the platforms, except Google Play, unprotected, and then another, and encourages users to not install the downloaded applications or games.

It is clear that the aim is to gain additional income. After all, Google collects on each transaction conducted through Google Play, at 30%. And, given that Fortnite only on iOS generates over 2 million dollars of revenue a day, selling in-game currency, it is easy to guess that Google also wanted a piece of the pie. Yes, Android users traditionally spend less money on apps and games than iOS users, but even if it’s the same 2 million a day (on iOS was obviously more), Google would be able, without moving even a finger, to make 600-650 thousand dollars a day.

As a result Google has categorically refused to deploy games on individual conditions, not Epic Games going forward and not becoming to reduce her Commission rate. Say, there is no reason to. But it is clear that this was done to pressurize the Studio and convince her to post in Google Play the game under the most Google. In the end, the most Epic Games catalog search giant need no less than Google needs Fortnite, because many users still decided to download the game for fear of third-party sources.

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Whether the rights of Tim Sweeney? Partly Yes. However, he somehow forgets that Android is used not only geeks who can afford to safely download software from the Internet, because they realize the risks and take precautionary measures, but also by ordinary people, for which software from third-party sources can be dangerous. After all, as practice shows, it often happens that the users are downloading on the device the malicious software distribute the requested privileges, and then surprise why their Bank account cleaned out, and the entire interface of the smartphone is riddled with advertising banners. Here is their something and need to be protected from reckless behavior than Google does.

Huawei outraged by the statements of the US government

We all know about the conflict between Huawei and the U.S. government, which broke out in the middle of last year and has led to the fact that the Chinese manufacturer has closed many doors to cooperation with American (and not only) companies. Until the scandal then intensified, then slowly flowed, the parties are constantly exchanging punches with each other, and the sanctions that weakened, then strengthened again. The US government once again spoke to the Huawei. This time the essence of the charges was to ensure that the telecommunication equipment of the latest is the ”backdoor” that allows to access communication of users.

Company throws the fight.

So the conversation was more substantive, if you are not aware, let me remind you that Huawei deals not only with smartphones, the sale of which they have risen very strongly in recent times. They had a base that allowed me to achieve such heights in this business.

Even long before they made the first smartphone the company has released a touchtone phone. It happened in the beginning of zero, but the device has not reached significant heights, although some models were really significant. For example, Huawei was the first to use in their phones with the latest 3G technology.

We already wrote about the company: the history of the brand Huawei

But the story began long before that when, in 1987, the Ren of Zhengfei, a former officer of the people’s liberation army of China, created a company to manufacture telecommunications equipment. Many just associate it with the government, but it would be foolish to assume that this is evidence of his connection with the party. Even if it is, it could occur at any time, and this does not have to be an officer.

Telecom equipment Huawei really are everywhere and work on it almost all the largest operators of cellular communication. That is why the accusations of the US government look very versatile. However, the company’s management does not agree with this and speaks strongly against such allegations, calling them illogical and shameful.

Get and largest edition, which was published this information.

“This reflects the bias of The Wall Street Journal against Huawei and undermines its credibility,” said Huawei in a statement.

Representatives of the company assure that the company’s access to the network is nothing more than a speculation that has no grounds. According to their assurances, the possibility of obtaining and processing customer data is only the operators that use equipment produced by Huawei, and no one else.

Huawei is ready to compete with Google on equal terms. To this end, it has everything you need

In addition to the abrupt of protection, followed by a sharp attack in the United States. The company representatives said that the United States need to pay attention to themselves, as they monitor the users of the networks and equipment around the world

“As evidenced by the leaks of Snowden, the United States secretly gain access to telecommunications networks around the world, for some time watching the other countries,” — said in a statement.

It is also reported that Huawei is not just access to equipment and user devices lately, but they did it in the last ten years.

“We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to access confidential and personal information on the systems that it manages and sells around the world, “said the national security adviser, Robert O’brien.

Unfortunately, the specific ”names” were not heard, and we don’t know which operators and in which countries were in danger, which they say representatives of the U.S. government, but it is reported that this began with the introduction of 4G equipment.

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As you can see, Huawei did not want to give up and not recognize the allegations, which are, to put it mildly, strange. We have seen no evidence and received only accusations of the Chinese manufacturer that he is a spy.

The company representatives claim that such surveillance is, in principle, impossible and many operators agree with them. If you believe them, then any attempt to gain access to the equipment will be immediately revealed.

In the end, if it’s so simple and even via backdoor , you can obtain easy access to data operators, why can’t criminals? They are also not stupid, but how hackers are fighting, and the network operators and their work are one of the most secure systems.

Who is right? Perhaps, once we know this, and yet there is only behind-the-scenes romp, from which few of us will win. So I want to make it all end soon, the perpetrators (if any) was punished and we got back fair competition by administrative leverage.

Essential Phone no longer exists

Many at the time praised the smartphone created by the father of Android Andy Rubin. The public is not just praised him for what he in fact was the first edge-to-edge smartphone in the understanding of the time, but for the fact that it had to be something out of the ordinary, if it for the creation took this man almost for the sake of it are gone with the previous post. The reality was a little different. First, the smartphone didn’t sell well, then sales slipped even more, all this was accompanied by scandals and in the end, all came to what we have now. And we have an end to this. Why it happened and whether it was possible to change something?

This smartphone will be the last for the company.

In literal translation the name of the company is Essential, which migrated on the name of the smartphone, means ”Substantial.” It argued that as the ship call, so it will float. Apparently, Andy Rubin thought so too, but actually get the next ”Trouble” instead of ”Victory”.

In our time it is not logical to enter the market with only one smartphone model and try to win it, no matter how cool a Manager you were not and what do you had in the past. All of this pales in comparison with what put money into this process companies like Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei and others. Even Samsung, which was able to bring to market the OnePlus and make him the idol of many millions of users, could afford to take the time to buildup, to then gradually rise to the top level. These market players can afford to operate even at a loss, if you do it in the future.

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Moreover, many Chinese companies have a certain handicap in a couple of billion fellow citizens, who despite the love for iPhone is ready to support its. As a result, the market becomes more smooth and confident.

Many liked him.

The first model of smartphone called Essential Essential Phone PH-1 and its debut in 2017. In the planned success was the high quality hardware and pure software shells without excessive and unnecessary frills.

At first, it all looked very nice and many would like to have this smartphone, but after the first reviews it all fell into place, and users have begun to be disappointed in the product. Now the company has come to its logical conclusion and released the latest update for their devices.

The latest update released the third of February. Smartphones, of course, will work, but will not receive the update to Android 11, but even security updates.

Instead push the updates for a few months, software updates are Essential Phone over. Security update of 3 February, released earlier this month, will be the last update that will ever get PH-1, eliminating the possibility of official updates for Android 11 or additional security fixes. Available are unofficial builds that can appear with a significant delay.

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To support users, the manufacturer has promised to put on its website all the necessary materials that will more or less full to continue to use their smartphones.

In General, we can say that the creators of Essential is still great, as supported smartphone for almost three years. For Android smartphones is a very long time. Previously, this was found only in Apple. This approach need to take note and other smartphone manufacturers.

It is also the brainchild Essential, but it never came.

In the company’s history can remember interesting smartphone GEM. However, he never came out. However, about it has been leaked, showing its unusual form.

He had to be elongated and compact. That is, it would not be Xperia 1, but it could be a good alternative to modern devices and introduce a bit of variety in the dull feast of similar smartphones. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Surely Andy Rubin will come up with some new project, but the current situation once again gave to understand that one person only by his name not be able to get a large project to create a smartphone. Not those times. Romance is not working.

The MWC’2020 in Barcelona was cancelled due to coronavirus

The main theme this year, which still does not lose its fuse, of course, is a coronavirus. He’s already caused serious damage to many companies, including Apple, which because of the scale of its business had almost the worst. She was forced not only to indefinitely close all its stores in China, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, but to end production. The result is a banal goods were in deficit, the chances of filling which is almost none. It would seem, what could be worse? But as it turned out, maybe.

Coronavirus interferes with the development of technology, and it’s not just words

The GSM Association, which organizes the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, decided not to exhibit this year. About it the Financial Times reported General Director of the Association John Hoffman. According to him, the outbreak of the coronavirus has made it impossible to hold the event, so the organizers reluctantly refused it. The rejection of the exhibition was a surprise because a few days ago it was alleged that the organizers will take all necessary security measures, but the exhibition will be held.

2020 was the first time that the MWC has decided not to proceed in principle

Taking into account safe and healthy atmosphere of Barcelona and host countries, the GSM Association decided to cancel the MWC’2020 because of the threat of new outbreaks of coronavirus. Problems with the personal security of visitors, their travel or other circumstances make it impossible to hold the event. However, next year everything will go according to plan and MWC’2021 will be held in Barcelona on schedule, — said the organizers of the exhibition.

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However, even if MWC’2020 went according to plan, she would not be as interesting as originally planned. After all, since the end of January, the big brands began to abandon the visit to the exhibition for fear of coronavirus. In particular, participation in the mobile Congress refused Amazon, Ericsson, Intel, LG, MediaTek, Nvidia, Sony, Vivo, Facebook, AT&T, Telus and Nokia. Some manufacturers have stated that they will not conduct at MWC of their presentations, and will do so in the format of the online stream. Despite this, it was promised that the exhibition stands will work and everyone will be able to come to them to talk with the representatives of the brand and look at the latest technological innovations and prototypes, the development of which is now underway.

In fact it is so large and significant event for the mobile industry that the rejection of it, obviously, severely undermined the plans of corporations. The fact that many brands used it as a platform for the presentation of new products. For example, Xiaomi in the last few years is brand flagships it at MWC, and this year she was forced to voluntarily abandon physical presentation in favor of the online broadcast. But since MWC is not, this may result in sending test samples of new items. And to the point as journalists and it-browsers will get his hands on, hype subsides a bit and, obviously, interest in the new Xiaomi Mi 10 will not be so great.

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On the other hand, the abolition of the MWC were to be expected. Some journalists who were invited to the exhibition, is seriously going to cancel the trip even before its official cancellation because I feared that anyone of the visitors will probably be sick with coronavirus, and therefore can pass it on to them. By their own admission, they were ready even to sacrifice their tickets and paid for hotel booking, if only to protect themselves from the disease. In the end, your own life and health is much more important and interesting material or review.

Samsung introduced a new smartphone series Galaxy S20

Samsung organizes every year the Unpacked presentation, which showcases the new products. And this time, nothing has changed. Koreans 11 February at 22 hours Moscow time introduced a number of new products in Unpacked 2020. The main launches were the new flagship Galaxy S20, S20 Galaxy+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Results Of The Samsung Unpacked 2020

In the new line the company has improved all the parameters. There’s a nice camera, more modern design, improved performance. The most notable difference for many will be a non-standard name. At Samsung decided this year to jump from S10 to S20. The company says that the reason a large number of changes in the new generation, but in reality it is rather a marketing move to name-generation leaders were in tune with the year when it came out. And this decision, in my opinion, correct and convenient.

Go over the characteristics. Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with the 6.9-inch display, battery 5000 mAh, 12/16 GB of RAM and 128/512 GB of internal memory, the S20 has got a 6.7-inch screen, the battery, 4500 mAh, 12 GB of RAM and 128/512 GB of internal memory. The usual S20 is equipped with a 6.2-inch display, battery 4000 mAh, 12 GB of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory.

All 3 smartphone’s standard offer consumers a 5G modem, while in some regions the company can offer a S20 with 4G. Most likely, Russia will be included in the number of such regions. Also an unpleasant time for people in the US will be the lack of support in the mmWave cheap S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Cameras S20 and S20 Plus very similar. They got a 12-Megapixel wide angle sensor with a pixel size of 1.8 microns and an aperture of F/1.8, 64-MP telephoto camera with F/2.0 aperture, another shirik 12 MP, but with an aperture of F/2.2 and a 10-MP front camera with F/2.2 aperture. Both phone support 3x and 30x optical-zoom software, which was given the marketing name Super Resolution Zoom. Another cool feature shooting in 8K!

The only difference S20 Plus compared to the S20 for the cameras is an additional sensor ToF, responsible for the depth map. The situation is more interesting in the case of S20 Ultra. The phone offers a 108-Megapixel module with an aperture of F/1.8, the module 48 MP with an aperture of F/3.5, wide angle module 12-Megapixel with an aperture of F/2.2 and a front 40-Megapixel camera with aperture F/2.2, which is due to pixel binning are output 10-MP high quality pictures. Ultra will offer owners a 10x optical zoom thanks to the periscope design, as well as 100x digital Zoom Super Resolution.

In S20 Ultra technology is used pixel binning, when a few pixels — in this case 9 — are combined into one, and the output is a photo with lower resolution but higher quality. S20 Ultra will give the 12-MP high quality pictures.

A nice bonus for owners of S20, S20 and S20 Ultra Plus will be displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, by analogy with the iPhone. Will not remain on the sidelines and gamers. Samsung the product uses the smart unloading apps from memory. If you play PUBG Mobile and then switch to another app, the system will not unload the game from the memory under any circumstances.

S20 the American version will be powered by a Snapdragon 865, also in some countries will be sold the version on the Exynos processor 990. S20 and S20 Plus come with fast charging 25 watt, and S20 Ultra provides the charging for 45 watts. For fast charging Ultra will have to pay $ 50, keep that in mind.

The situation here is interesting. Smartphones have become a little more expensive than last year’s models. So, Galaxy S20 priced at $ 999, S20 Plus will be sold at a price of 1199 dollars for the version with 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and S20 Ultra decided to assess $ 1399 for the version with 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The company did not disclose the value of S20 and S20 Ultra Plus versions with 512 GB of memory.

Pre-order new items will be on 21 February and sales will start March 6.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Along with the new flagship Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds Plus. This is the updated TWS headphones. The company has improved autonomy, now the headphones will be able to work 11 hours (6 hours usual from Buds), and that case will give an additional charge cycle. In total there are 22 hours of music listening. Samsung has also improved charging speed. Now it only takes 3 minutes to prompt the user 1 hour of use. Galaxy Buds for 100 minutes of listening needed 15 minutes, for example. Also a nice bonus is the protection IPX2, improved the quality of the microphones, the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously.

Headphones sale will start on February 14 in black, white, blue and red colors at a price of $ 149.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

This, in my opinion, the most interesting novelty of the presentation. Z Flip is a folding smartphone with a horizontal folding mechanism, by analogy with the Motorola Razr. It offers a 6.7-inch DynamicAMOLED-display with a resolution 2636 x 1080 pixels, optional 1 1-inch SuperAMOLED screen with density of pixels in 303 ppi, Snapdragon 855 Plus, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, the battery, 3300 mAh, fast charging 15 W wireless charging and 9 watts. It has two 12-Megapixel module camera and 10 MP front camera. The device weighs 183 grams.

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Samsung has used the new product a special hinge that allows you to use the phone in an intermediate state for selfie pictures and easy navigation. You can, for example, on one half of the screen to run one app, and another — another. Or you can use the second half as the trackpad.

Z Flip is sold at a price of $ 1380 from February 14.

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