The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has launched a fraudulent ICO

In April, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against the organizers of the initial placement of tokens Centra Tech startup. According to the regulator, the company has organized a fundraiser to defraud investors and steal money. Now the SEC has launched its own fake ICO. So I want to show how to look unscrupulous projects. This writes Cointelegraph.

The regulator is struggling with cryptocurrency fraud

The representative of the regulator said that the aim of the project called HoweyCoin to show kriptosistem the main features that distinguish real from fraudulent ICO.

The Commission has launched a separate website. In the description of Howey Coin says that the coin performs the function of securities in the first place allows you to make purchases and not to profit from its production or resale. However, in the first months investors will receive about 1-2 percent of the profits from their investments. The currency is secured by “government guarantees”

This company is too good to be real. The project promises to make a revolution in the field of tourism — the owners of the tokens can buy tickets or make reservations without a fee. However, the company, which previously nothing was known, to implement such promises are extremely difficult — almost impossible.

As is common in classical skam-projects, staff profiles no links to social networks. To check whether these people actually almost impossible.

On these sites there are always red flags that allow to determine the real intentions of the organizers. The ability to find them will enable you to protect your money.

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