The company Electronic Arts Officially Announces acquiring Studio games Industrial Toys

Electronic Arts

Announced Electronic Arts this week that it has acquired the company’s Industrial Toys is specialized in development of video games which was founded by the former CEO of Bungie, Mr. Alex Seropian who also participated in the development of the game Halo. With immediate effect, will join the team in the company Industrial Toys to the action team Worldwide Studios, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

On this page, stated the company Electronic Arts, saying : ” led by Alex Seropian, founder and former CEO of Bungie Studios, responsible and former Executive at Disney Interactive, the Group is the development of unique ideas for games on different devices, and join EA with a constant focus on bringing more games that use the new concepts to life. Join Studio Industrial Toys, which consists of 14 people to EA’s Worldwide Studios, a group of creative global responsible for the development of the EA Games on all major platforms “.

The development team was working in previous games series ” Midnight Star”, which is based on the concept of the roles of smart phones and tablets. In addition to the production of interactive graphic novel under the name of Midnight Rises with the help of the author of the comic book veteran Mike Choi, the author of science fiction John Scalzi.

Said Samantha Ryan, vice-chairman of the group of EA Worldwide Studios : ” the creation of fantastic games requires developers passionate about creativity, amazing, and every time we worked with a team of Industrial Toys, and as long as we inspired from their approach unique. Thus, we are happy to share them in the organization of the studio of us, the search for new ideas with and get new games to our players “.


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