The company Fitbit is launching her bracelet smart Charge 3 specifications new

شركة Fitbit تطلق سوارها الذكي Charge 3 بمواصفات جديدةCompany is seeking a Fitbit to maintain her watch in the smart watch market, they are trying to match the technologies found in the products of other companies such as Samsung and Apple, which doesn’t seem easy, but if we talked about sports watch smart, of price and features suitable for people who are looking for tracking their daily activity, I might charge 3 to do the trick.

And the new arena similar to the previous one Charge 2, where the shape of the screen, as well as the people and the world, with that new arena enjoy the body exterior is made of aluminum, and its protected with a layer of air glass, with exploiting the touch area of the screen is the largest with 40% of the hour Charge 2, and also supports the display property of a gradient gray, which uses black and white only, which is the provider of the very energy.

And enjoyed the previous feature, water resistance depth of 50 meters, as well as provide Charge 3 track race track to the user, so that they looked forward to the time and distance traveled, plus calories burned, in addition to the characteristics of the other provided by the former in need of the former.

The company has developed sensors that count the pulses of the heart, to give more precise information about the heart rate, and speaking of the battery, they miss the previous version, she can stay for 7 days versus single charge.

It seems that the company invested space, and about some of the features, to hours new battery life longer, beautiful design and waterproof and suitable price, the moment does not contain a GPS system, and the company has been shaken in the hour of its new, focusing on sports activities and the control of the user himself, through special features Automatic trace for a run or swim, the amount of calories burned during the workout.

And provided the company with advance reservation for travel today through its website, which will be available by the coming October, and are available in two models a core version priced at $149.95, the price is 169.95$ the proportion of Special specifications shoulder budget wireless connectivity NFC, and support for payment via Pay Fitbit.

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