The company HTC is preparing to launch the first phone with block Chi !

I could technically block Qi blockchain to take the attention of a lot of owners of business during recent years, this tech short is a new style to create a database based on the idea of decentralization, which make them an essential element in the operations of the mining industry and digital currencies.

And now we are in front of the launch of the first phone with this technology from HTC Corporation of Taiwan under the name of HTC Exodus, which the company aims to expand the scope of the block Qi with custom smartphone applications decentralized with a high degree of privacy and security.

For features block Chi offered by the HTC Exodus is that it will contain a portfolio of cold storage, to keep the back of your digital.

At the present time says the owners of digital currencies or Crypto-currencies are like a bitcoin stores its data online, which means adding your details with the coins, and their own, exposing them to the risk of piracy and other.

But with the system cold, who offers him a new phone it serve as a wallet not connected to the internet, what means that no one will be able to penetrate the wallet and access to the data mining user.

Until now I didn’t expect more information about the technologies provided by other phone, but on the basis of the wallet cold, the HTC Exodus appears to be directed to the individuals in the system, consult the individual specifically.

Will HTC Exodus available for sale before the end of this year, will be sold in all countries of the world excluding China, is likely to exceed the cost of the phone $ 1000.

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