The company “InfoCom LTD” has shown unmanned Lanos

Who Lanos is a drone? Soon this question may become quite relevant, because the Zaporozhye company “InfoCom LTD” has introduced the first in Ukraine Daewoo Lanos, equipped with a navigation system Pilotdrive.

Pilotdrive is a system of unmanned vehicle control, which can be installed on any vehicle – truck, passenger, passenger.

In the development of the first Ukrainian drone the choice fell on the Lanos, it’s a people’s car. This was stated by the head of the Department of unmanned technologies “InfoCom LTD” Sergey Rumyantsev.

The software part Pilotdrive fully developed by engineers of InfoCom, hardware purchase abroad. The system is guided by cameras, sensors, radar and imaging, making the vehicle secure even in night time.

The autopilot is able to detect road signs, pedestrians, animals, road markings and the width, he also knows how to travel in off-road conditions. The UAV sensors have a 360 review, which exclude the occurrence of blind spots.

The developers claim that the car reacts to obstacles immediately – a system of analysis and decision-making is triggered in a split second. During the movement the drone uses electronic navigational charts, which may be recognized the objects as it moves. All information from the computer is transmitted to the control center.

Unmanned Lanos is equipped with an automatic transmission. During testing the movement monitored by the operator who is willing to take it over. In addition, these are the requirements of the SDA that do not provide for movement of drones.

The cost Pilotdrive not yet reported – this is not the final version of the system and it will be further developed. But the company hopes that in the future any driver will be able to purchase Pilotdrive and install on your car.


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