The company LG is planning to launch a phone with a 16 rear camera!!

A while ago rumors surfaced about Nokia phone five cameras, which was a surprise, some thing, but now we are in front of three times that figure with LG !!

In a new report from LetsGoDigital confirmed that LG patented camera phone key with 16 lens related articles different characteristics, and although this may seem like a very large number, but the patent includes some interesting things that can be achieved by using this many cameras.

For example, a single click will take all of the cameras, six of ten shots in the same time you will be able to choose a favorite, there is another possibility fantastic is the depth perception improved significantly in the phone, which may lead to a depth of more accuracy in the simulation of the development of the image or even allow us to change the focus after you take the picture already.

Refer the patent also to integrate different parts of different images with and other types of manipulation that users can do after taking a picture.

Also, the cameras 16, the background will be able to take pictures selfie also, as shown in the two illustrations own patent mirror in the back of the phone to help capture pictures, sounds crazy and will not be as accurate as seeing yourself through the camera, but the user will get 16 images at a time can easily choose between them.

So far it looks like the news is shocking to some thing, there is no confirmed information about the techniques of the 16 cameras, but the capacity of LG in the manufacture of the lenses of the cameras may surprise us soon with maybe we haven’t seen in any device before.

How about this 16-camera, you can buy a phone with 16 camera?

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