The company OnePlus intends to exposure of credit cards, some customers at risk

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Earlier this week we told you that the company OnePlus has been conducting an investigation after receiving several complaints from their customers stating that the credit card their own exposed to fraud after buying products from the official site to buy the OnePlus on the internet. Well, I completed the company OnePlus this investigation concluded that some users may have been affected already. The company says that these customers has been breached number on their credit card, date of expiry and security code.

The company recommends the customer to check statements credit cards of their own and alert the Bank to any charges which are not regular which will help them to initiate the refund of their money paid. And the company OnePlus also that customers can contact the support team for OnePlus if they need further assistance.

Cleaning company OnePlus is currently in the possibility of providing years of service monitoring credit cards for free to affected users. This will lead to control transactions made using your credit cards to monitor any suspicious transactions. Of course, the company is working with a company that specializes in secure information to strengthen its security systems. Moreover, it has explained the company OnePlus it works with the media and local authorities to address this situation better.

The company OnePlus continues to write a report about what happened, but in the meantime check your email and this thread on the official forums of the company to get more information.


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