The company OnePlus looking forward to the launch of the phone is another 5G by the end of this year

oneplus 7 pro

Appeared lately some rumors that hinted to the advent of the phone OnePlus 7T Pro within two months, and it turns out that it’s possible to a great extent.

Stated the CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Pete Lau, the newspaper Financial Times that his company will launch a smartphone New compatible with the 5G in the fourth quarter of this year, which means sometime between October and December. Unlike phone OnePlus 7 Pro 5G current which was submitted only a small number of telecommunications companies around the world, the new phone will be released to global markets.

This is just speculation exchange from our side, but this may mean that there will be one model only phone OnePlus 7T Pro features modem the 5G, not the model of two different, one is compatible with 4G networks and one compatible with the 5G networks as we have seen with the phone OnePlus 7 Pro. Given that the company OnePlus tend to use Qualcomm’s processors in its smart phones, we expect that the phone comes next flagship of the company with processor +Snapdragon 855.

According to Pete Lau, has stated by saying : ” If you want a phone, a pioneer in the year 2020, must be equipped with 5G, “ he added : ” We believe with the development of 5G technology in the next year that we can achieve better performance. But towards the 5G era the continent, we will invest more “.

The company is looking to expand more in the United States earn more from customers of Huawei, Apple and Samsung are everywhere. Managed the company OnePlus in increasing the size of income and size of shipments this year, and doubled also the number of employees to over 1700 employees.

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