The company OnePlus will sell the phone for OnePlus 6T, and at a price cheaper

oneplus 6t -

When the phone is detected OnePlus 6T, under the phone OnePlus 6 older available, on the reverse strategy of the former company of in turn old-fashioned as soon as the appearance of the new model. Now, I got the phone OnePlus 6T on the same transaction.

Starting from May 17, will the company OnePlus to reduce the price of the phone OnePlus 6T $ 30 USD. It should be noted that a copy 6GB/128GB core will be available for purchase anymore, this means that he is no longer in front of the consumer only the option to get a copy of 8GB/128GB or 8GB/256GB.

OnePlus 6TThe old priceThe new price
6/128GB$550This version is no longer available for purchase

Of course, the May 17 is the first day on which it will become the phone OnePlus 7 Pro available for purchase. Based on the statements of the OnePlus, it seems that the phone OnePlus 7 will be available later. As you all saw, most likely, the phone OnePlus 7 looks a lot like the phone OnePlus 6T, despite the fact that the phone OnePlus 7 new got on the processor Snapdragon 855 the newest Qualcomm processor, the memory storage fast, based on technology UFS 3.0, camera basic accurately 48 megapixels, as well as the speakers and double.

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