The company owning the development of TikTok require to create her smart phone in collaboration with the company Smartisan

tiktok app

Company requires ByteDance that stand behind the application of TikTok famous to launch her smart phone etc. I made a deal with a company Smartisan specialized in the manufacture of smart phones, they even hired some of its employees were on the portfolio of patents with the knowledge that the headquarters of both companies are in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

ByteDance is one of the major Chinese manufacturers, they have got more than 800 million daily active users. These are not only the application of the TikTok, but also from the application of the news and information Toutiao, which is very popular in China.

The company ByteDance acquired on the application of the in the year 2017, said converting to TikTok to become the latter the preferred platform for hundreds of millions of users around the world to watch the music videos short. Regardless of create a smartphone of its own, we have heard also a few days ago that the company ByteDance is also planning to launch the service music own to compete with the likes of Spotify and the Apple Music service in the emerging markets.

Two months ago, the frequency IT company Tencent and the Chinese in turn requires to create a smartphone also. In the past, Facebook tried that, to no avail. May not be the lack of success of phones social the previous the only obstacle, I have faced the company ByteDance some problems with the Indian authorities lately due to the application of TikTok.


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