The company specializes in the manufacture of covers iPhone available the names of the new phones

With the approaching version of the new phone in the month of September, speculation is rife on the naming of the iPhone. We have previously heard the name iPhone Pro you mentioned other sources, it seems that the makers of the covers is consistent with this labeled.

It was published by the ESR which sells many covers for iPhone on Amazon and other stores, the house, the names “iPhone 11″ and”iPhone 11 Pro” and”iPhone 11 Pro Max” for iPhone 2019.

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According to the list the products of ESR, the “iPhone 11” is refers to everyone as Khalifa XR. Will this LCD compared to 6.1 inches and has two cameras.

“iPhone 11 Pro” is a normal result for iPhone XS, which is expected to contain the camera module rear camera, three lenses, the front camera is an updated and more. It seems that the 6.5 inch would be called the name “iPhone 11 Pro Max”, which is the successor of the iPhone XS Max.

أسماء هواتف iPhone

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