The company Tesla plans to launch a network of taxi and self driving in the next year


I always was the launch of a network of taxis and self-driving part of the vision of Tesla for the future of the automotive industry. Said CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk during the day of Tesla Autonomy Day that the company now expects the launch of the first taxi self-driving in the next year.

According to Mr. Elon Musk, has stated by saying : ” I feel confident in predicting the issuance of taxi mechanism of the company Tesla in the next year – not in all the states we won’t get the approval of regulatory bodies in every place “. Did not disclose the regulatory bodies that was referred to but he said he is confident that the company Tesla will get approval from regulators sometime next year.

Will be able to note the context of Tesla’s current use of this network to make their cars earn them some money when they don’t need a car. Will be able owners add car its self-driving to the grid which will be similar to the network Uber. Will retain the company Tesla by up to 30 percent of its revenue while the car owner converts the remaining amount. Pointed Elon Musk also noted that in areas that are not located where a lot of customers their own car to foreclosure as part of the network, the company will Tesla itself by providing special fleet consists of Taxi your self for service.

According to Mr. Elon Musk also during the event Tesla Autonomy Day that all cars Tesla new is to provide them with self-driving full. This chip is able to make the car drive itself fully. On this subject, Mr. Elon Musk said : ” from our point of view, if we fast forward a year, perhaps for three months, but in the next year certainly, we will have more than a million taxi-driving on the road. “

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