The company’s development of electric car cost of 23 thousand dollars, according to a new report

Volkswagen cars are pictured before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany

It is reported that the company’s leading position in the auto industry working on the development of the electric car is much cheaper than car Tesla Model 3 that will be sold less than 20 thousand euros, equivalent to 23 thousand USD. It is further estimated that the company want the protection of jobs in Germany by the conversion of three of its sources to manufacture this electric car cheap in the country.

If company’s already launching this electric car in the market compared to 23 thousand USD, it will make it cheaper than a Tesla Model 3 of the current by about 12 thousand USD. As you probably know, the Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest electric car on the market currently.

A source familiar with the plans of VW told the news agency Reuters that the company has a traditional German plans to launch an electric car called currently the code name ” MEB entry“, note that it will produce 200 thousand units of this car in the beginning. Will discuss the plan at a meeting of the Administrative Board of the company on November 16. Will discuss meeting a plan to improve Volkswagen to one of the biggest electric car manufacturers in the world.

The source added that there is another electric car from the company’s being worked on currently called the I. D. Aero note that it will be manufacturing this car in the factory where the company currently manufactures cars of the Volkswagen Passat mid-size. Reportedly, it will be the manufacture of truck I. D. Buzz electric in the company’s factory located in the city of Hanover, where he is currently manufacturing truck Volkswagen T6 Van.

This comes in the wake of reports that the company Volkswagen and Ford are in talks to collaborate on the development of self-driving cars and electric in addition to complete products of both companies at the global level and raise sales. It was said that those talks were at an early stage in that stage, so it is not clear whether agreement will be reached or not.


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