The company’s prestigious Kodak announces virtual currency own


Kodak is a trademark familiar to people who lived in the period of eighties and nineties of the last century. It was the brand Kodak is synonymous with photography, it was behind the manufacture of cameras and films camera most commonly used at that time, although they lately didn’t say to compete against other companies specialized in the manufacture of cameras like Sony and Nikon and Canon and Fujifilm, etc. from other companies.

However, it seems that the company Kodak is hoping to continue in the photography by the launch of the virtual currency, which bear the name of the KodakCoin. The company Kodak the launch of this digital currency along with the Wenn Digital to create a platform image rights KodakOne which can search on the internet and check if there are violations of copyright. They will also help create a payment service more fair and immediate, where payments are made to exporters immediately and securely whenever someone purchases one of their photos.

According to the President and CEO of Kodak, Mr. Jeff Clarke has stated by saying : ” for many in the technology sector phrases such as blockchain and cryptocurrency are the words stilted, but for people who have struggled long to assert control over their work and how to use it, it’s buzzwords are the keys to resolve what they felt as a problem can not be solved. Has sought the Kodak has always been to democratize the industry of photography and to make the licensing Fair for artists. These techniques give community photography is a creative and easy way to do it perfectly “.

We’re not sure if the company Kodak just trying to jump on the bandwagon digital currency or whether this is the future that you will see it actually moving, but it will be interesting to see the final result of this bold step of this company tradition.


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