The competition authority European Commission fined Qualcomm $ 272 million to exercise the monopoly previously

هيئة المنافسة الأوروبية تغرم كوالكوم 272 مليون دولار لممارسات احتكارية سابقة

Fined the competition authority of the European company Qualcomm American 772 million following the sale of its modem and the second generation affordable less than the price of its default; thus striving to destroy the opportunities of fair competition with other companies.

Where was imposition of fines on Qualcomm’s exercise of its monopoly in the market between 2009 to 2011, which targeted him directly semiconductor company multinational Icera; cross sell the information chips were used to support the phones at a price below cost for the purpose of their marginalization from the market.

The investigation took in this case read 4 years ago to today’s condemnation of Qualcomm and change by said amount; where, following Margaret Peter Commissioner of the competition authority and the European community on the resolution; by saying that Qualcomm’s practice using their practice restricted competition and innovation in this market, as they limit consumer choice in the shadow of the great demand for these components.

Qualcomm is a winner, despite the fine

The investigation concluded that Qualcomm sold Huawei and ZTE modem and the second generation at a price lower than cost, at a time when the company Icera a number in the market and your opponent is able to compete in the future, to Qualcomm lowering the price with the quality of the witness not everyone.

This fine recent add Qualcomm in violation of the new laws and fair competition, where she had been fined several times in the past for acts similar to, it has filed many cases against her in various states of the world; including the United States itself and South Korea, China and Taiwan in addition to European Union.
As for the purchase of Icera, it is too late to amend the palm of the competition and take advantage of the fine, in 2011 was acquired by NVIDIA Corporation that tried to take advantage of their expertise to integrate the modem in its processors Tegra own but that plan didn’t work.

As for the status of Qualcomm, the current we see that the conditions may have played in her favour again; to enable dominance on the market of the information world especially modem the 5G, in the time that you lost in the market a major player for the withdrawal of intel from them after the test snap which was between the parties to the conflict long-term “Apple and Qualcomm” mid-April.


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