The complete guide to choosing b/iPhone

Very often after years of ridicule and “laughter” on the iPhone there comes a time when thoughts about buying this phone. And let everyone discourage you from purchasing overpriced Apple creations, you estimated prices of new devices are sent to sites selling used and accepted for the search of the desired apparatus. And that your quest was successful, we have prepared a detailed guide to selecting the iPhone on the secondary.

Due to filling of the market “recovered” iPhone straight from the Chinese cellars, finding a good phone is very difficult. Under the guise of “not bit, do not paint” can sell the iPhone, assembled from the cheapest components, and the stability of this “soup” I wouldn’t count on it. And sometimes, like buying a new smartphone, you can buy a restored Chinese rukodelnichat phone with fake components and where all the moisture, for example, can be easily forgotten.

So what about new devices is to pay attention only to major authorized retail network. Restored also can take it, but in advance of to verify, whether the company recovers the model that you decide to take. After all, we all like official sell refurbished iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, that’s just the manufacturer began to restore these smartphones last month. So be careful.

If you do decide, then get ready for a long and painful search, which justified a good device for sane money. In the quest you will need:

  • Apple ID
  • Headphones
  • Wet wipes
  • Observation
  • Preferably a Macbook with the software installed coconut Battery or a regular laptop with iTunes.

To get started go to the flea market and enter a desired device. At the end of 2018, I would consider the iPhone is not older than 6S, after the usual six, forgive me, the owners, live their last days, and that magical “Apple experience” you can’t get.

As they say, “it was better before”. And if earlier it was possible just to push off of the price, choosing the phone, now it doesn’t work. It is clear that the available samples, we immediately are thrown back, but in both expensive and medium-price can be a lot of problems, which you obviously don’t need.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the description. Yes, it is all standard, but to get a phone with warranty, receipt and a few covers would be nice.

Then look at the date of registration of the user on the service announcements. Now very popular “Scam” accounts-ephemeral. They all as a blueprint: a month or two at the flea market, there is no reference to the social. networks, and specified a room with absolute probability will be disabled after the purchase, and you have nothing to prove. So it is better to find someone who at least a few years using the service.

After a few hours of searching you will be eliminated more than half of the potential options. The remaining prozvanivatsya, updated equipment and state, and casually offered to bring phone service to check for your account. To test or not is up to you, but the seller, knowing the problems of your phone, try just to justify its refusal. Perhaps the person is simply no time or desire to mess with checks, but we take the phone for their money and to trust strangers, “he’s good, why do those checks,” I would not.

Only important – both in conversation and call for diagnosis in a large well-known service center, and not in the back office. Will make a professional diagnosis without opening the phone. Because I would not agree to give away your phone, your friend who repairs phones “somewhere on Petrovka”.

Please update your phone to the latest iOS version and when meeting do not forget to completely throw off the phone, checking items iCloud and Find my iPhone. In this way we will secure ourselves from buying R-Sim and other Unlock, because on the last firmware reduces the chance to get a similar device and after resetting the activated chip smartphones ask a native SIM card to reactivate.

The next step is to agree on meeting in a public place with Internet and power sockets. Preferably a quiet cafe with good light. It is desirable that meeting came the owner of the phone, not the husband\wife\SWAT, because this, again, smacks of divorce.

During the inspection do not throw immediately onto the phone and pay attention to the model. For example, we will look at the one in the iPhone 8 Plus. You can start even with the box. All labels must be glued, fonts neat and not smudged and IMEI match with phone IMEI. But I will say that the Chinese have a knack to do them, and without a direct comparison to the ordinary person to understand will be difficult.

It is desirable that the kit was Lightning, charging unit, adaptor to 3.5 mm and earphone. All wires should be pleasant to the touch, and the same Lightning connector is a single metal part and gently pressed onto the contacts. Learn more about all the differences of the original from a fake can be read here.

Then, look at charge, also checking the accuracy of the Assembly and print fonts. Everything must be perfect. This square block only comes with a straight fork. Round contacts — a clear sign of the Chinese.

Then put the phone on charge, checking the operation of the whole, and draw attention to the latest headphones and adapter. The requirements are exactly the same. Accuracy, no signs of melting, cracks, sharp items and curves of the inserts. Here, for example, the Chinese headphones and original.

Important detail – complete with the iPhone 7 and older are just headphones with a Lightning connector instead of 3.5 mm. After all this, you can check their work and get to the phone.

Under the video, many wrote that it is foolish to spend so much time on the test set, because the most important is the smartphone. But I hasten to remind you that the cost of original accessories is very high. Only headphones can cost you 1000-1200 USD, and the entire set is already about 3,000 to 3,500 hryvnia, which is a lot. Plus to use a Chinese charger just as dangerous for your and for you.

So non-original equipment may become the cause of refusal to purchase this device.

But it was all toys, tested the iPhone will be much more difficult. Perfect view and no scratches even not a good indicator of the device. Check all gaps and transitions between glass and aluminum frame. Gaps should not appear, all elements have to sit tight and the phone felt monolithic.

Plastic skirting in the original phone at all is not felt, but the iPhone with the Chinese screen he felt. It would also be good to check the uniformity of fit screen and does not depart whether it is in the corners. If you noticed a similar — good-bye moisture and most likely the original panel. About the creaks and crackles of speech does not go.

But, as in all other devices in the Apple smartphones is marriage. Some factory phones eventually started to crackle corner of the screen or even to move away from the frame. But, anyway, these phones should be skipped.

Aluminium must be very smooth and pleasant, and fonts, as we already know accessories are neatly done. The absence or presence of the text, under iPhone does not mean that the phone is in the Chinese case. Just in some countries this application is not required, so they are different.

Speaking of eights, and tens, that front, that back glass on the factory thoroughly drenched oleophobol and to indirectly confirm the originality of the panel, take a damp cloth and hold on the surface. On the original moisture instantly gather in small drops, while in Chinese the whole surface is just wet. In the presence of the film, of course, doing so would be impossible.

If the case has dings on the corners, again it is worth considering. Even minor damage can damage the housing, so even the integrity of the Board. It can form cracks, which will further affect the operation of the device.

After that, open the tray SIM-cards, check the availability of having the rubber seal at the iPhone 7 and older. IMEI must be the same, but its application is as follows – a neat fine line. The Chinese will not either substitute for any one, or all at once.

Then look in the slot and check the indicator liquids. It is all about the same – the white stripes when in contact with liquid turns red. Here is the link to the website with a detailed description of the location of this indicator for a particular model.

The old methods of checking the sensor by dragging icons no longer work, the Chinese wasted no time to lose. Even the 3D Touch they can do. So for a quality diagnosis without third-party applications can not do. But the originality of the screen on the iPhone 8 and older can test the following way in the new firmware, the company disables the mode, True Tone, if he installed a non-genuine screen. This is the first bell that this phone you do not need.

The Chinese screen is a bad color reproduction, problems in device operation, and typically the lack of moisture protection. Also with the strong pressure on Chinese screens stains can appear. So there’s just no.

Even replacing the screen on the original, to restore all of the features you will not leave, because the native display was sewn the particular microcode that when you replace the screen you want to copy to the donor. Read more here.

Of free apps, but with advertising, there is TestM. The application can in 5 minutes to check everything at once, starting from sensors and ending with the work of all elements.

Select complete test and begin to check everything, every button and sensor. For example, the 3D Touch on a Chinese screen. In the menu-it works, but in some areas just not primaute to the desired state.

But one application is not enough. Insert your SIM card, check the operation of the Internet calls and the speaker volume.

The camera can be checked in the application, but is important to us not only their performance, but also the state. Under the protective glass, there should be no dust, no dirt, and these images must be clean and sharp. The Plus version is worth checking out the second chamber which, when sufficient light should work. Cover one module switchable finger and zoom. But just a remark — in the evening or in the dark telephoto may be inactive, and that’s fine.

The fingerprint scanner is also an extremely important element of the phone. If it doesn’t work, just refuse the purchase and not listen to the explanations of the seller. This phone is most likely either Chinese plug, or a hardware problem. But both options are not good for us, because a non – working scanner is loss of the normal operation of contactless payment and other useful features.

And don’t forget about the battery. The phone can inform you that there are about 95, 97 or even 100 percent of capacity, but the battery may well be Chinese. And the screws on the case to determine whether the phone apart, almost unreal. After all, they weren’t that expensive and replacing them is not difficult.

To check the battery power will come in handy Macbook. Run coconut Battery and look at the number of recharges and storage capacity. If the data coincide with the age of the device, most likely, the phone and original battery.

Last but not least, go to the Apple website and drive serial number to ensure that you’re exactly the kind of model that you are going to take. I have personally seen “successful sellers”, who under the guise of the iPhone 8 Plus sold iPhone 7 Plus in the Chinese case. And this is not the last trick of “huckster”. Knowing all this, they will hang a cheap films for their “original” iPhone and give a stack of covers to divert your attention from really important things.

Walking through all these points you will likely be able to find a decent machine, for which no pity to give their blood, and he will please you. But I would still have spent an extra 100-200 UAH and checked the phone in good service. Believe me, this small amount can save you from a lot of waste.

Well, if you manage to buy half of Chinese smartphone, I have good news for you. I found the cheapest iPhone 8 Plus on a flea market and bought it. Very soon I will compare it with the original iPhone and tell me what it’s like to live with the Chinese and what problems it’s hiding. Well, the service center I entered to find out how much it will cost its restoration to a normal state.

So stay tuned and write in comments as you check the device before purchasing. I would be interested to read.

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