The complete guide to update your device to version 13

This is the update that is waiting for him and sent us hundreds of messages to learn about the date of its issuance and its features, now available for you to upgrade your device to a newer operating system which carries the version number 13

Hey my dear brother, I have been patient. What do you think about to slow down a bit begin in the name of God then read this guide without rushing to start the upgrade process

In the following lines we will give you a complete guide to update to this version as you are used from previously and every year so that no longer as an essential reference for you and the assistant in the success of the modernization process steps to an end.

The contents of the directory:

  • Devices to which it applies this update.
  • New in iOS 13
  • Notes basically before the update.
  • Basic steps before the update.
  • Automatic update steps.
  • Steps for manual update.
  • Questions and answers.
  • What after the update.

Devices to which it applies the update:

System iPadOS will be issued on 30 September next and not today.

New in iOS 13 according to Apple

Introduced iOS 13 the appearance of a new dramatic to the iPhone by style of dark, new ways to review the pictures and edit them, and a new way to log into apps and websites with one mouse click. iOS 13 faster and more responsive thanks to the improvements made in the system fully to determine the application startup and file sizes download app make Face ID faster.

This update introduces new features and improvements in each of:

Style dark

System the color of dark new and offers great viewing experience, especially in low-light environments.

Can be scheduled to trigger automatically at sunset or at a certain time, it can also be triggered from the Control Center.

Four wallpapers system a new look appearance automatically according to the pattern of dark and light.

Camera photos

A completely new design for the Tab S with the coordinator of the office your help to make it easier to find photos and videos, or retrieved or shared.

Effective tools to improve photos help to facilitate the editing of the images adjust, and validate in a jiffy.

Edit videos using more than 30 new tool, including deterioration of the economy and improvement.

Possibility to increase or decrease the intensity of the lighting Porter on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

High light monocoque, which is the impact of lighting Porter new capture image portrait monochrome white background on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Sign in with the Apple

The method is characterized in particular to facilitate access to the apps and websites shared by using the Apple ID that you already have.

To simplify the process of setting up the account by name and e-mail address only.

The possibility to “hide my email” to see a unique email address is transferred to you automatically.

The authentication steps are included to protect your account do not track or analyze your personality by Apple while using your favorite apps.

The App Store with an arcade

Unlimited access to innovative new games requiring one, no ads and no additional purchases.

Tab completely new games for the arcade in the App Store to review the latest games and recommendations of the ad hoc and editorial content exclusive.

Playability on the iPhone and the iPod touch and the iPad and Mac and Apple TV.

The possibility to choose to download large applications over the cellular connection.

The possibility to view the updates available app or deleted the app from the account page.

Support for Arabic and Hebrew.


Maps a completely new pose for the first time in the United States and promote wider coverage of roads and the accuracy of the best for titles and better support corridors the and floor more detailed.

Feature “look around” help to explore the cities in an interactive three-dimensional high precision.

Sets the lists of places you like, which can be easily shared with friends and family.

Help “favorite” to move quickly and easily to the places you visit on a daily basis.

Transportation in the actual time and updates flight in actual time and pronounce more natural to connect to the step-by-step.


Completely new design with effective ways and smart to create reminders and organize them
Toolbar is quick to add dates and locations, flags and attachments and much more to the reminders.

Lists of clever new – “today” and”scheduled” and”subject not taught” and”the word” – to keep track of reminders coming easily.

Functions of the sub-lists are grouped to implement reminders.


Suggestions Siri dedicated Apple Podcasts and Safari and maps.

More than 100 thousand radio stations live from all around the world are available using Siri.

Application shortcuts including now.

Codes for Memoji and messages

Customize options Memoji includes a new hairstyle and hair coverings, head styles and makeup and earrings new.

Pack stickers Memoji in Messages, Mail and third-party applications, available on all models of iPhone.

You can now see your name and your photo, or even Memoji your own, with your friends, optional.

Improvements in the search to find messages easily with smart suggestions and classification results.


The dashboard is completely new in CarPlay you know your music and the inflection of your suggestions Siri smart in one screen.

Completely new design to develop a calendar-includes a day and an option to drive the car to meetings or participate in a call or contact organizers of the meeting.

The design of the new maps application Apple includes favorite groups, The Shape of the intersection in China.

The artwork of the albums in Apple Music For find your favorite song.

Feature do not disturb while driving are now available in CarPlay.

Augmented reality

The inclusion of persons so you can the app from put virtual objects naturally in front of people or behind her using the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Motion capture so you can applications to understand the position of the body and freedom of the person so you can move your personal or interacting with virtual objects using the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Track several faces helps to track the AR content to up to 3 Faces at a time, so you can have fun with your friends using the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Quick preview the report AR to view objects en multi interact with them one at a time.


Block the sender lead to the transfer of all emails from the sender blocked to the trash directly.

Mute power to turn off notifications from any chain e-mail overly active.

Partner coordination is characterized by easy access to text formatting tools and attachments of all kinds.

The support lines includes all lines of the system, to add new fonts you can download them from the App Store.


Interface on Know your feedback in the form of thumbnails visible, to help you find the note that you want.

Allow shared folders to collaborate with others and give them access to the folder of notes in full.

More effective in the search for visual images inside the notes and text at the items scanned.

Menu options choose new to facilitate to change the order of the elements of the check list or add an indent before or lack the elements that marked the selection to the bottom of the list automatically.


Updated the start page to their favourites and sites that were visited repeatedly and the latest sites visited, and suggestions for Siri.

The display options in the Smart Search field for quick access to the controls in the size of the text introduced the reader and the settings for each site.

Settings for each site to choose the view of the reader and enable access to the content-blocking tools and the camera and the location of the web-sites individually.


Scroll to write on the keyboard to facilitate typing with one hand during development.

Writing scroll or by pressing alternately, even in the middle of a sentence.

Toggle options for the dog in terms of predictive.

Edit the text

Moving the slider to pull it straight and fast through documents, web pages and e-mail updates long.

Move the cursor faster and more accurate; what you only need to take it and move it to where you want it.

Improvements in the identification of the text to facilitate the selection by clicking on the text and you have just.


Available custom fonts from the App Store to use in your favorite applications.

Manage fonts in the settings.


Support external drives in the Files app to access to and manage files on the USB flash memory or SD card or hard drive.

Support for SMB to connect to the server at work or a computer PC at home.

Storage space local to create folders on the local drive and add the file to your favorite.

Pressure support and unrar to create the Zip files and expand.

Your health

View a summary of new data custom, including alerts and favorites and highlights the relevant applications and devices used most often.

Distinctions of health data from apps and devices used to very much know the level of performance over time in charts, graphs, and useful.

Tracking the state registration of information with the menstrual cycle, including level of interference and the symptoms and measurements of fertility.

Data types hearing health volume levels and environmental of the application of the noise on the Apple Watch, and the levels of headset audio from the hearing tests.

Apple Music

The lyrics of the song synchronized with the time make listening more fun through the lyrics of the song the exact time accurately.

More than 100 thousand radio stations live from all around the world.

Duration of use of the device

Usage data over a period of 30 days to compare the numbers and duration of use of the device throughout the previous weeks.

The annexation boundary to include several categories of applications or specific applications or web sites in a single end.

The option of “another minute” to save what you’re working on or log out of Game quick when you reach the time limit for the use of the device.

Privacy and security

So the “Allow once” your sites, which allows you to choose to share sites with applications only once.

Alerts tracking in the background you know you now when the application is used what is your position in the background.

Improvements to Connections Wi-Fi and Bluetooth help to prevent apps from accessing your site without your consent.

The controls in the location sharing allows you the option to delete location data easily when you share photos.

The experience of the system

Select Wi-Fi accessories Bluetooth in the Control Center.

New design non-irritating for the volume control in the upper left corner.

Screen shots filling page, web pages, emails, documents, iWork, maps.

New design paper participation with smart suggestions to share content with just a few clicks.

Restart Dolby Atmos to get the experience of surround sound stunning content that includes tracks in Dolby Atmos or Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Language support

Support 38 a new language for the keyboard.

The introduction of predictive keyboards in English, Cantonese, Dutch, Hindi (divangar), Hindi (Latin), Arabic Najdi, Swedish, and Vietnamese.

The separation of my key anymore and the Earth facilitates fast switching between languages and to determine anymore on the iPhone X and newer.

Automatic discovery of language when spelling.

Support dictionary bilingual Thai and English languages, Vietnamese and English.


Start the app quickly up to pressure.

Open the lock using Face ID on faster by 30 percent on the iPhone X and iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

App updates smaller by 60 percent on average.

Apps from the App Store smaller by up to 50 percent.

Features and other improvements

Silencing the callers not known to receive calls from known numbers in the contacts, mail and messages, while sending all other calls to voicemail.

Charging the battery The helps to slow down the rate of sharing battery life by reducing the time spent by the iPhone fully charged.

The pattern of low data helps to reduce data usage over the cellular network or Wi-Fi networks that you specify.

Support ARM controller the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Wireless.

The integration of the “Find My iPhone” and”find my friends” in one application that can locate your lost device if it can’t connect to Wi-Fi or cellular network.

The objectives of the reading in applying the books help make reading a hobby Journal
Supports calendar add attachments to events.

Point of contact person to participate family so you can your family’s devices from automatically connecting to the hotspot personal for the iPhone.

New design elements of the controller extensions, HomeKit in the application of the product with the presentation of a accessory associated with multiple services.

Essential notes before the update:

  • Review for our own review before the update via THIS LINK.
  • Download the latest version of iTunes which is 12.10 from the Apple website via THIS LINK.

iTunes logo

iTunes logo

The update of the device directly

Open Settings then general then Software Update shows you that there is a new update like the next picture just click on the download and install (requires a space has more than 2 GB in the case of the iPad and 1.5 GB for almost in the case of the iPhone).

All you have to do is click on the “download and install” like you always do on any update.

If you have Gilbert’s you won’t be able to use this method must be the work of Restor, also if you have the latest version of the previous.

Update by Alison:

The difference between the Restore and the Update:

Before you start the update must be given about the difference between the processes of the Restore and the Update impact the actual iPhone.

Update: is the process of updating the device automatically without interference from you where does iTunes download the update file from the barrage site and update your device and does not result in the loss of any data (it is assumed that, but you must take a backup as already stated, to ensure that no problems occur casual).

Restore: it is to download a new version just like you bought the phone from new, and the other when the update is compulsory if you have a jailbreak and want to update

Sometimes, the action Update might not fit for those who have Gilbert in his computer and Restore, but in our tests the Update without a problem.

Update steps:


Connect your device to computer and open iTunes and click on the button Check For Update – sometimes knows iTunes the existence of Update.


A message will appear telling you that there is an update for your device is iOS 13, so by clicking on the Download And Update (maybe showing an error message and the cause will be pressure on the Apple servers)


A message will appear telling you the benefits of the new that was added in iOS 13 and you can read them and then click on Next


You’ll see a message the user agreement, so their acceptance of the Agree


Now will begin the process of downloading the file and update your device but you have to note that and update the download process will take some time.

You may be asked to after the update enter the password to the cloud service “find a phone”, if you don’t remember it, please wait and do not limit your device

Manual update:

This method is preferred when the mission they are suitable for everyone especially who has Gilbert you currently, but it would lead to deletion of all contents of the device, so there must be a backup so you can restore what has been erased.

You can do the update manual by downloading the update file from the following links according to your device type as shown:

*Update its large size it is set to disconnect you before you download it all so use one of the apps management downloads. We will identify the lender in the next few hours to add links.

You can download the system file from here

Then after completing download connect your device to the computer then went to iTunes and press Restore with the Options button in Mac or button to Restore with shift Shift for for Cablevision resources Windows. (Make sure that the file extension IPSW if otherwise just change the extension manually to IPSW) a window will choose from uploaded file and to begin the process of update of an iPhone.

Frequently asked questions:

You will lose a week if you updated it?

  • Yes, if you want to maintain iOS does not determine your device until the jailbreak is not. In general, I will show you an error message if you have Gilbert’s or the foundation won’t show the update.

Will it wipe all my programs and the contents of your device if you update OTA or Update of iTunes for?

  • No, you review the company again, there is a difference between the Update and the Restore and in the end, if you have a backup you can restore everything.

Any-iTunes gives me an error when trying to update, What do I do?

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the program any-the iTunes store, and use the manual method in the update.

I’m sure I have the latest version of any-the iTunes store, but still there is an error, what do I do?

  • Can you not waiting for the trade later, there may be pressure on Apple’s website, and you can put your device in DFU and try.

I can’t upgrade I tried everything and still iTunes gives me errors, please I want to solve?

  • Search Google on the error number and see what’s the problem, better try to upgrade via another computer.

After the update:

The application of the previous steps will ensure you success update with the permission of God, it must be noted that the first sync process between iPhone and device between the end of the update process is going to take time where you will transfer the data stored in your device to the iPhone and, once completed, you will notice that even the pages of Safari on iPhone are already open before the update remain as they are, as well as data and other characteristics. Then we can say that the update process has been completed successfully.

Note: iOS current not fit for this version we do not know the time of release of iOS new when its release we will announce in the website so don’t limit your device if you want to jailbreak.

Note that the servers of Apple we have great pressure, so it will be loading very slow you can wait for hours and then retry.

Tell us about your experience with this new update in the comments

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