The complex relationship between religions and the technical

Author: d. Ammar Bakkar

Features researchers in the field of future studies with their faith unlimited technical progress during the next few decades, a belief supported by the plans of technology companies and investments, and understand the possibilities of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and robotics. But how will this affect technical progress on our lives, our communities, and in general the largest impact on societies through the ages: religions?

There is no doubt that religions generally will benefit from the technical features, they will be able to spread through the house, digital is bigger, faster, and less expensive, this product will be able to monitor the interaction of people and adapt to their needs so that they become closer to them and more enjoyable. Can through the artificial intelligence to react to digital platforms or robots with a human and engage in dialogue, religious information, so that it evokes an enormous amount of information and religious texts and their interpretations, also can through the application of virtual reality and augmented reality re-bring the characters or places of religious life to interact with the audience. This will definitely, have begun attempts in this direction.

But this will result in several problems, notably the problem of disarmament, religions of the context of their cultural and social. Understanding religions and their teachings have been built over the centuries within the structure of the particular social, the methods of science without this social structure will affect sharply on them. Take, for example, with respect to Islamic teachings, private party Woman. These teachings were committed over the centuries the tradition of deep social allow Muslim society to accept this teaching and its development, while the same will not apply to other groups, which is not understood by the advocate speaking from the Arab world to the people they interact with in the Pacific islands such as.

The other problem that the ease of spreading religions through the digital platforms will allow the emergence of the religions and doctrines of the new spread and then she died after that during short periods, as Will the emergence of religious figures don’t have the background knowledge owned by the man of traditional religion, and do not necessarily adhere to classics followed in a particular religion. In short, the technical development will undoubtedly mess may affect, in many cases, negative on the religion and stability.

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Add to it all, this is increasing the escalating tendencies of the people towards individual isolation because of the effects of social networks and e-commerce and technical progress. It might sound strange of course, but the fact that the technology has given the human the sensation that he was less need of his fellow man in the course of his daily life, he runs his life, almost from behind a computer screen or a mobile, this will increase dramatically in the coming years. In return, there is a steady increase in the physical dimension when people, because money is what meets all the needs and not the people. In the former, you are calling a neighbor to take you to the hospital when you get sick, or your friend to give you information about the best restaurants or how to end the treatment of the government, or your brother, when you need to prevent paying you in another state. All this became possible through digital platforms, as long as you have money, which means that the need to establish social relationships and health on people in the long term became much lower, and motivation to improve the article in any way become much higher.

Religions in general do not grow positively in such circumstances because the social dimension and ethical and (spiritual) where is high, and religious organizations osteology will re-arrange its vocabulary commensurate with the profile of the new generations to come.

This explains the significant decrease in the number of people who do not commit to any religion, according to the study conducted by the Center Pew Research in 2012, 16% of people around the world say about themselves that they don’t have any religion, this makes the secular third largest religious group after Christians and Muslims, and indicators say that this women is on the rise.

The coders in the areas of artificial intelligence and robots will not do their cases with other religions, the first of which is the context of religious and moral practices of the robots, you would be no specific religion is? You’re going to have robots Christian and Muslim and Buddhist in the way she talks and the manner of its cooperation with the people around her? If we let the robots but Diana, is going to affect you negatively when you choose us?

You’d be surprised if you knew that there are religious organizations Christian was founded to deal with these issues, and their concern about the impact of Android comes from its similarity with the human, because this similarity facilitates vulnerability. Human – says one of the priests – kill the bugs without hesitation, and too much on the cat and the dog because he sees in her eyes something of the awareness and passion. When robots become, it will affect us, and when they are fully programmed without any of my religious or moral, it will take us of its model, therefore they are demanding that is to instill this knowledge in BASIC programming for artificial intelligence generally.

In contrast, there are programmed dreaming about something entirely different, including a former engineer at Google named Anthony Levandoski, who wants to create a “god” based on the artificial intelligence, because it claims that artificial intelligence will be able to overtake the human, and approaching the capacity of the gods.

A lot of researchers are talking about the moment in which artificial intelligence from human intelligence allows pal “Singularity” or technical superiority. While some see just a fictional premise, and there they see the inevitable and 2045 for her. At the moment, will be the impact of the machine on the highest human of human impact, a moment that scared her interested in(the future of religions).

Maybe in this moment it becomes very appropriate to the modern application of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he advised people when studying them another time and period and that “people used to sit in your house” even “though to bite the roots of a tree, till you die, and you’re on it.” Perhaps biting on the origin of the tree will be the only way then to escape from the advanced techniques and control over human, maybe.. who knows!

D. Ammar Bakkar

Media and writer specializing in the affairs of digital media, and futures, and the CEO facilitates the Tu digital centre ARC research strategy. Worked in several media consultant, during more than 20 years.

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