The complexity of the charger Eyre Bauer Radio led to delayed

About a year ago and effectively launch iPhone X, Apple developed charger “air power” capable of charging up to three of its devices wirelessly at the same time, after delayed detection, the shipper had expected his appearance or even mentioned during the launch of the new devices announced 12 September the past, which didn’t happen. It is said that Apple is planning another event this year to be about the models iPad MacBook new, while according to a new report that the wireless charger won’t appear.

According to a report by Sonny Dickson the development of the Eyre Bower suffers from several problems that make it inappropriate for the lead to the prospect of its repeal as a platform in its current form, according to internal sources, the shipper suffers from three major problems.

Lies the first problem in the implementation of the device function the main charge multiple devices at the same time, where the engineers inserted between 21 to 24 coils staggered by varying to deliver energy at different rates depending on the devices charged and placed the top of the screen, but it turns out that implementing it as intended is very difficult due to the overlap caused by the files, the result was a total far cry from being acceptable because of the shipping time.

The second problem consists in that it resulted from a number of large coils high temperature during use; although heat is one of the common side effects of the people, the fruits of Eyre Bower led to a decrease in performance hindered the ability of devices to energy independence.

Not only problems on the device, but received the software as well, including the problem of lack of harmony and communication between the devices charged and what led to the inaccurate reports about the level of shipping and the failure to do the shipping and calculate the time remaining to complete charging.

According to the source, the big problems may lead to change the design of the Eyre Bower fully, and in this case we won’t see him through 2018.

Source: SonnyDickson

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