The concept Apple Watch with a new interface

Recently in the Internet appeared the unusual concept. A Reddit user has published renderings, which showed how could look like the interface of Apple Watch, if the smart watch used a different operating system i.e. iOS. Surprisingly, it turned out really good – this idea clearly has a right to exist.

Your promising concept posted on Reddit. Enthusiast a fully adapted interface of the mobile operating system Apple small screen — including the control of staff applications and lock screen.

Appearance of the folders haven’t changed. However, on such a small screen, managed to place only four of the application.

Search Spotlight in the left part there’s no — now there are custom dials.

Control clearly failed: all the elements are sufficiently large and makes valuable use of space. However, not all the necessary switches had managed to place on one page.

The designer decided to borrow with iOS and lock screen. Pretty minimalist, though not too informative.

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This concept was welcomed by the audience of the portal Reddit in a positive way. Interface maximum simple and understandable, the elements are large and it is easy to get — all this, of course, affects the General perception and ease of use, say users.

And we have to admit — the idea is really interesting. If you can see something similar in the future — to tell difficult.

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