The concept of imagine what it will look like on you computer MacBook Pro with 16 inch

May be the launch of the MacBook Pro from Apple the size of a 16 inch, sometime this month. Today, emerged new concepts provide insight on what could be the design of the MacBook Pro compared to 16 inches, with a Touch Bar and more.

Knows this concept which is pretty much the MacBook Pro 15 inch new shape on the level design and the outer chassis. It is rumored that the MacBook Pro 16 inch is the same physical size for MacBook Pro 15 inch, but it will contain the size of the smallest frame of the screen in order to fit a larger screen size.

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حاسب MacBook Pro الجديد

The structure of the MacBook Pro compared to 16 inches that had been imagine it came as a curve compared with 15 inches. This concept also introduced the MacBook Pro with three USB ports-C وThunderbolt 3 on each side, for a total of six homes. Features the current model 15-inch has four USB ports-C only.

حاسب MacBook Pro الجديد

Noted rumors that Apple will change the MacBook Pro 16 inch this month. It is also expected to be a new laptop the first end of the keyboard, butterfly keyboard to keyboard Scissor.

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