The concept of Intel Ambient Intel shows Apple how it should be to buy a Touch Bar that works


When the Apple included the Touch Bar for the first time in computers MacBook Pro own, it was assumed that this causes the tape to change the way we deal with our laptops. Unfortunately, many people still prefer to a large extent, facing the row of buttons function instead of the Bar Touch Bar, although this does not mean that this tape is useless.

However, at Computex 2019 currently held in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, the Intel developed the concept shows Apple how it should we use Bar Touch Bar. This concept is called the Intel Ambient, which is a laptop with the terms of the OLED in the front where the screen is closed. With the screen of the OLED, you’ll be able laptops display additional information to users without having to open it.

For example, users can use this bar to display information such as calendar dates the following, reminders Pro, it seems that it can be used also for in songs. It also seems that the concept that has been introduced and integrated with the digital assistant Alexa where users can call this the digital assistant without having to open laptops of their own.

Unfortunately, this is just a concept and we are unsure if there are plans to have manufacturers of computers to launch laptops using this concept. We’re also not sure how useful that is, but based on what we see now, we believe that this idea holds more potential compared with the Bar Touch Bar in computers Apple.

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