The concept of my design for your iMac anti design with accessories New Charger Wireless

Did not provide Apple TV remote models iMac new this year, but is likely to have the same design of the current generation with minor changes next year in addition to using slice the Apple Silicon. However, this concept was created by Daniel Bautista gives us an idea of how it may seem by iMac on its design.

According to a report from Sonny Dickson, the work of the Apple on your iMac on its design inspired from the screen Pro Display XDR and iPad Pro. This probably means that Apple computer’s new all-in-one will contain frames top edges are flat, this is exactly what explains his concept of Bautista.

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In concept, it looks like iMac new as the bigger version of the iPad Pro facility the Pro Stand. Sure to the slim chassis and the edges of the Mini gives the appearance of a newly for computers desktop from Apple, which enjoys the same design since 2012.

There are possibilities of more exciting show in this concept, as it placed this designs of new versions of Group extensions Apple TV, including Magic Keyboard with the backlit keys.

تصميم جهاز iMac

As the re-consideration of experience of the Magic Mouse are also in this concept, so that it seems the mouse as is, but it features Charge Wireless. As it is currently known has the Magic Mouse, the current on the internal battery can be recharged using the cable Lightning, is located the connector at the bottom of the mouse. Unlike the Magic Keyboard, you have the heart of the Magic Mouse upside down to recharge it.

But shows the concept is a chic way to recharge your Magic Mouse to the base wireless charging integrated in the holder iMac. If you run out of battery, you can simply put the mouse on the bus in the iMac and wait until the charging is completed. Will that also recharge other devices such as AirPods iPhone wirelessly using the holder iMac.

تصميم جهاز iMac

Imagine Bautista is also an iMac on its new design uses the feature of Face ID, which is expected to be included in some models of the Mac in the future.

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