The concept of my perception of the system running the macOS shows great similarity with the iPadOS

Imagine this concept designed by designer Kamer Avdan how will the operating system “macOS 11” on the design of the IF was more similar with the iPadOS in some characteristics.

In this concept, has been re-designed icons and other elements of the system to be Design flat greater, just as is the case in iOS devices. The first thing that was introduced is a way to drag and drop the New inspired by the gestures found on the iPad.

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Users will be able to also add some tools to the Mini to the desktop of the Mac, such as calendar events and the weather, just like the screen of the iPad with the main iPadOS. Knows the concept as well the preferences of the new system is very much like the Settings app on the iPad, with the menus on the left side.

There are some other features like night mode Dark Mode The Rebel in black, real, and Mission Control on its design, and Face ID for Mac new, the process to pair the best headphones Apple AirPods, and nod new Watch files instantly in AirDrop, and suggestions Siri on the Spotlight.

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