The concept of my perception of what it will look like you have iOS 14, with more expected

Perception of the concept of the new operating system iOS 14 some of the most requested features from iPhone users, including a new user interface screen direction, so that they don’t know the length of the phone screen fully. The advantage of a split-screen Split View, support for drag-and-drop, in addition to the portability and customization of the company, and support the emergence of elements on the lock screen permanently.

Display Channel Hacker 34 this concept along with the re-design of some of the apps to Apple TV the original. It also highlighted the new user interface with the advantages which he hopes users see it in the iOS system.

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These benefits varied between the Split View, support for drag-and-drop on the iPhone, in addition to the lock screen that shows symbols as those found in the Apple Watch.

Watch the video below for the How can blending the new to find their way operating system iOS 14.

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