The conference Google Google I/O, 2018 Applies on May 8,

Google I/O is an annual conference to reveal the Google for latest and newest products and technologies including Android system.

In the month of May of each year, targeted at Google’s largest Technical Conference of its own, which is the Conference of Google developers Google I/O, which includes the disclosure of the highlights of the Special Features for the new Android system, in addition to many of the ads technical important, whether new products or services.

For the last year’s Google I/O 2017, it has been full of announcements, which included the disclosure of the features of the Android version the oreo (by that time it was still experimental under the name Android O), and detection of Android Go, along with the announcement of Google Play Protect, advertise the availability of its feature apps instant Apps, in addition to advertise Google Lens, and a whole new system of DayDream.

As is usual every year, Google has previously updated the conference website, which uses the technology of cosmetic default, along with added to many of the puzzles and directories to be solved to find out the official date for the Conference this year.

According to the site, Google will work its developers this year within the listed Shoreline in Mountain View, California during the period between 8 and 10 May, presumably during this conference unveiled the latest version of its system operating codenamed currently Android P.


Source: Google conference Google I/O, 2018 Applies on May 8,

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