The conference Oculus Connect next will be broadcast live in the virtual reality


Oculus Connect is one of the annual conferences, at least for the lovers of virtual reality. This event is held each year by the company Oculus, which is owned by Samsung, for the proportion this year of the conference Oculus Connect, will be held in the next week. Given that virtual reality to make you part of the experience without physical presence, it is appropriate to broadcast the conference Oculus Connect next in virtual reality.

The most important moments in the conference Oculus Connect will be broadcast live in the virtual reality through the Oculus Venues. Viewers will be able experience by playing in a number of e-sports events of the conference with other teachers as long as they’re using the helmet Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR.

The conference Oculus Connect next will be held on today, September 26 will commence its at ten o’clock in the morning Pacific time. This event will announced many things regarding the reality of the virtual and developers. And then it will move to e-sports eSport from 12 pm until 5 pm in the auditorium.

Pointed product manager at the company Oculus, Mr. Mike Chemin LeBeau indicated that it is difficult to organize the conference in the virtual reality. Some events such as concerts and Comedy Nights and sports have been broadcast already in virtual reality, but the press conferences direct, e-sports is new for the company.

It will use cameras to live broadcasting and the elements of the input the multiple for the games in addition to some new techniques that will create immersive experiences from the engines of the games, allowing viewers to get to see at an angle of 180°/360°.



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